Wednesday, June 17, 2009

200 yards from the house it comes on heavy rain, 5 or so minutes later it goes off and then in another 5 it's bright sunshine. All in the space of a little over a mile. Of course, the weather is inclement because the "shows" are here. That means the fair, incase you wondered.

Don't have much time for this tonight but it's imperative that I update this sucker at least once a day so I figured you'd be keen on this Pere Ubu opus.

Dr. H imparted the poop on where this elusive Wooden Shjips 12" sailed out of.

If I get the stuff done that needs to be sorted then I may well return. Motivation ain't my strong suit right about now...

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Benjamin said...

Here's the WFMU Primavera broadcast of the Wooden Shjips: