Wednesday, May 06, 2009

RIP - The Dirty Water Club

Update @ 08/05/09

"The last ever Dirty Water Club will be Friday 19th June with legendary American sixties garage band, GONN, with support from The Masonics and Speak & the Spells.

A small handful of future dates are being taken on by Dirty Water Records but as from 19 June the club as such will no longer exist.

The record label is going from strength to strength, however, with new releases more or less on a monthly basis. It is likely that the label will put on gigs from time to time, but not with any regularity."


Patrick said...

Too bad.
So what about Lux celebration in London next October 21st?

PJ said...

Maybe Dirty Water Records will do something. We'll have to wait and see...

johnny said...

that's really a shame.
saw thee Headcoats' last gig in 2000 there, it was packed, great atmosphere.
loads of memories connected to it.
hopefully London has some alternative...

martin63 said...

That is a terrible shame and real end of an era. Alternative venue for the Lux night - any suggestions anyone?