Saturday, May 30, 2009

It was my intention to get more done on here today but there have been some obstacles plus my contacts info is in some disarray. My intended schlep to the cinema tomorrow may go by the wayside as a result. My arms bear the marks of a potential self harmer due to the ongoing tussle with the out of control hedge. It was cool to come in and relax to the strains of Bruce Anderson's "The Inherent Beauty Of Hopelessness". More about that later.

It's been unfeasibly warm here today. I don't function well in such conditions. I'd like to, but don't have much practice. In keeping with the regime of not spending hours upon end in front of this thing I'm about to sign off for the evening. Have a blast, whatever you're up to. If you find yerself in NYC, the inimitable Amy Allison is at Banjo Jim's. Onstage at 9pm.

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