Sunday, May 17, 2009

"How many "legendary" bands did you catch in their early days?" It's one of those one-upmanship questions populair among "collectors" or "fans". Me, I'd like to think I've seen it all ;-)

About 25 years of seeing 3 to 4 shows a week. One of the absolute worst was Nirvana right here in Utrecht when they supported Tad @ the Tivoli. Apparently this was one of their worst shows ever and I sold all my Sub Pop/Tupelo discs the next day. If only I knew...

Here's a video of Kurt & Co. playing the Tivoli.

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Bobby Awe said...

I saw the Proclaimers at Nicky Tams once and was refused service for shouting "SHITE" after theyd more than murdered a motown track. I've since paid to see them when they had James King playing support for them and they have some cool because they got Eric to sing with them. BUT just cause they sing with their own accents (I never want to go to auchtermuchty if thats what they sound like) disnae mean they can sing.