Friday, May 01, 2009

Fair amount of stuff to put up here today
so let's cut to the "cheese" as the phrase
is sometimes misinterpreted.

In Glasgow tonight, in addition to this
Hinterland thing that's going on there
are The Wildebeests at EWO...

... The Fabulous Ottomans
at The Winchester Club.

This evening out Stockholm way.
at the fabulous Debaser Gearclub,
The Fleshtones and The Twisteroos!

In that fine, self-same city tomorrow -

Bob Hund with RJaP and Pascal!

The 'tones are Scandanavia wide, including a return bout
at the House of Rock on Sunday!

Meanwhile, in NYC - Handsome Dick will "duet" with Iggy...

Can't make the Dead by Dawn scene at Filmhouse but thanks to the good offices of
Brother Tom Morton, I'll see one Robert Zimmerman at The Playhouse in
Auld Reekie on Sunday.

Too bad The Fleshtones and The Twisteroos won't be there but you've got to give
the old bloke a chance, right?

Is this formatting thing getting right on your tits?
It's twisting mine aff the scale...

1 comment:

Murray said...

watch out for the Bum Clocks busking outside the Bob gig on Sunday