Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine flu? Bring it on. I'm a little more concerned about getting my bloody
printer/scanner reinstalled after this carry on last weekend. It's a
huge inconvenience. Maybe not as big as croaking but then again, if that
happened then it wouldn't matter if I got the install done or not.
It's an ill wind... right? I'm not buying this bug thing anyway.
I wonder what it's been concocted to snow over? Dropping that into conversation
has caused much rolling of eyes and downright disbelief. Me and my daft
conspiracy theories... the naysayers think I'm half kidding but I've
managed to convince them eventually, that I am actually nuts. Actually now
I come to think about it, isn’t Swine Flu a punk band from Livingston?

Talk about unexpected. NBT gets the B2C treatment. Blimey. (Thanks Chris)

I'm wondering how Imants managed to copy those early issues? The quality of
the xerox was pretty iffy at best. I'm sort of out to graze now but I stll
gots sharp teeths if the need arises. Extra kudos for including the
word "toidy", an expression taught to me by the Lady ACC,
currently residing in SF. As for The Erasers, if I ever
get to "digitising" tapes, and I mean to then consider it
done. Think that one's a double header with Steel Tips.

As for swipes, yeah - I used to be quite the wind-up merchant. Some of it
stupid and childish to the point of puerile and some of it, well, not.
I'm a little less likely to judge and prefer to act upon my radar sense.
Such as it is. Anyway, I appreciate the retrospective.

It's Friday tomorrow and with one thing and another, I'm a tad behind with a
few things. At least it's a long weekend so who knows, I might even be able to
catch up. However, my photoshop seems to be on the blink too and that could
be what's futzing the scanner.

No bets are being placed, that would be tempting fate just a little too much.
And this fucked up formatting is driving me mental!

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