Monday, February 23, 2009

Thanks to everybody who showed up for the screenings last night. It was great to hear the film get a hearty round of applause after the final credits. Hopefully there'll be a few more evenings like that down the road apiece.

It will come as no surprise that my intros were a stream of (un)conciousness. I was pretty giddy by the time of the second one because I knew then that no-one could be disappointed. Let's call it "Gibber" - my hybrid of Google and Twitter. It's great when your faith in something turns out to be wholly justified. My demeanour would be a lot less sour if that happened more often. I think the Film Festival as a whole broke all their previous records. There are no plans to make it "Cannes on the Clyde" as Allison Gardner succinctly put it. This is a good thing. Roll on February 2010!

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Anonymous said...

'tis true, the film was great. Slightly like a home movie, as you might expect of something made over 8 years, but this just added to the overall warmth and sense of connectedness there was between the players. Highlights? Hal Blaine looks and sounds like a Goodfella! Carol Kaye was completely great, and not at all unattractive in the earlier shots. And it was fantastic to hear all of those great songs through a really good quality sound system. Every one (and there were many) sounded better than the last.