Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm feeling a tad weary. Not sure why exactly because I sure as hell haven't been exerting myself. Spent much of the day thinking about how Ivy is coming to terms with Lux's passing on this, her birthday. It's bad enough when someone exits your life stage left for whatever reason but when you're as joined at the hip as those two were then it boggles the mind.

I hope she's doing as OK as is humanly possible under the circumstances.

Otherwise, there are two or three other things to write and also my "Wrecking Crew" intro to think about. I need to switch off for a bit to gather me thoughts and scribble longhand whilst listening to music or watching a movie. Per'aps both. Two weeks today, the Quattros roll into London, just what the rock'n'roll doctor ordered in terms of a tonic for this jaded afterburn.

Hope to see a squad of you dahn there...

I'll be back early, not nec bright tomorrow morning. Have a luvverly evening/day/night... delete as applicable.

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