Sunday, February 15, 2009

As I headed toward the cinema yesterday afternoon, I was thinking about "Blue Film Woman" and recalled that it reflected a stock market fall and also a no-smoking song. How far we’ve travelled...

Saw the trailer for Anvil there and was pretty moved, it peaked my expectations somewhat. A couple of hours after watching this, I find out that the band has appeared at the first Glasgow screening. Classic Hutton disorganisation. Does it live up to all the one-liners on the poster? Not exactly but I guess that’s all part of the promotion. To my mind the way it’s been put together is a little contrived but then again what isn’t. Reality stopped being real quite some time ago.

If, like me, you have a penchant for dodgy metal then you won’t be disappointed. The obvious nods to “The Tap” are a bit unnecessary because Lipps and co are going through things that would even have tested Tufnel and St Hubbins. The drummer's real name is Robb Reiner so how’s that for life approximating art. The devices don’t detract from the overall enjoyment though and the two "lifers" are the saving grace. When was the last time you were at a movie and heard the names Grand Funk and Cactus dropped?

Made me think that there’s a great movie to be made about Black Oak Arkansas

Afterwards I met local “rawk” alumni Bill Wells and Stevie Jackson. Details of Belle and Sebastian recording a version of “Thumb Hang” have not been confirmed.

Not Quite Hollywood is as high octane as its subject matter and there’s a shitload of information and clips to process. The soundtrack is pretty intrusive but only because it’s bloody good. Incidental muzak this ain’t and it even includes “Black Eyed Bruiser” by (Little) Stevie Wright. Ozploitation movies have been as groundbreaking as their rock’n’roll over the years. On a scale of how far can too far go, much of this goes straight off the measurable scale. Smut, gore, explosions and kung fu are merely the tip of the iceberg. I’d completely forgotten about the Bazza McKenzie vomiting scenes. You want the recipe? It’s available right here. This trailer is not safe for work...

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