Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is Airthrey Castle in the grounds of Stirling University. You can see it from my office window and it was the scene of the first ever radio show I ever did as a guest of the Rev. Mark Hagen in (I think) 1981. Anyway I think it's a teaching "hospital" now but I'm not sure. There was some weird light going on so I thought I'd snap it.
Otherwise there is stuff going on and much info to impart with regard to that and this but it'll have to wait. there are more pressing matters to attend to. Plus I don't feel like staring at a screen in the hope that I can cough up a couple of paragraphs. Right now, I'm plum tuckered out on the inspiration front. You don't grudge me a night off do you? Those Quattros are taking their considerable tutti frutti pop action to Japan tomorrow. I'm wondering how HS was in Oslo, that kind of thing. Spiritual lollygadding if you will so sayonara and all that. I'm signing aff knowing that I'll be back soon enough...

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