Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday already? Somebody has made off with a good few hours of mine and I want 'em back. So if that person would just like to leave 'em outside my front door then we'll say no more about it. Got a lot to do before I head south for the Boonaraaas this coming week.

"Well get fucking on with it then" comes the voice from the gallery. Easier heckled than done my friend. I could go into a long whine at this point but what would that achieve? No, heid doon - hope to come out the other side is the only way to go. You could almost chalk that up to a kind of twisted optimism, couldn't you?

If you're in Camden this evening, Chris Wilson, Robert Coyne, Jeremy Gluck and his Yohawks wil all be kicking it at The World's End. A bit of a hole but the music will more athn make up for that. It would ahave been ideal if it could have been happening next weekend but ye cannae have it all ways. Or at least I can't. Uh oh, slipping back into character there. More from me later then. Probably.

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