Monday, October 06, 2008

Some bits and pieces before I get to my Spanish report. Still feeling a little knaquero'd (obviously not a proper expression but rather a Scots/Spanish hybrid) but kind of getting there. I was sounding a bit like Barry White this morning having been exposed to more cigarette smoke than I've been used to in recent living memory. Used to be that people could smoke in the office or anywhere. Even on planes. And not all that long ago. Maybe 20 years-ish?

Anyways, bit late with the Susquehanna info this week so here tis...
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10th / THE SPIEGELTENT at SOUTH STREET SEAPORT / It's "The SIT & Die Co. Medicine Show" -- with a cavalcade of stars! / WRECKLESS ERIC & AMY RIGBY -- The punk icon and the Mod Housewife, together! / JACK GRACE BAND -- The Martini Cowboy, himself! / ERIN & HER CELLO -- Has been known to perform in roller skates! / and CARLA RHODES & CECIL -- The ventriloquist with more moxie! / All in a three-hour spectacular variety show!
I also discovered this today... RIP - Nick Reynolds (Kingston Trio)
Of course, I'd rather BE in Spain than have to write about it but I was pretty much blessed these past few days so let's hear it for perspective.

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J.D. King said...

Re Nick Reynolds, people forget, or maybe never knew, just how popular and influential The K3 were in those pre-Beatle days: on TV, on the Top 10, on the cover of Life, inspiring legions of campus folksingers. In those Ike/JFK years you'd be hard pressed to find a college w/o their answer to The K3, many of whom had LPs on major labels.

Their songbook, as well as their clean and robust harmonies, helped to inspire the 1960's rock revolution that followed. To hear preflyte Byrds is to hear young men mutating from wanting to sound like The K3 to wanting to sound like The Beatles. The Beach Boys owe something to The K3. Brit Invasion groups such as Peter & Gordon and Chad & Jeremy and, I believe, even The Beatles, were digging The K3.

RIP, Nick! Ditto Dave Guard!