Thursday, October 30, 2008

I was going to post the Roky Halloween stuff and lo and behold J already did it. That's service. A reminder then that Seattle will be the place to be as two generations of Tacoma cool come together to bring an almighty racket to the environs of the Paramount Theatre. I imagine that it's totally sold out by now but this is a top bill by any standards.

With regard to the Wooden Shjips this coming Sunday in Glasgow, I believe that doors will be 9pm and that the band is due onstage at Nice and Sleazy around 10.30/11pm. I've seldom known a show to run to schedule there but I imagine that's as close to a timetable as we're likely to get. I'll investigate ticket price, etc today and let you know if I find out anything. my guess would be a tenner.

No frost this morning, as far as I can tell...

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