Saturday, October 11, 2008


Martin said...

D-U-M-B everyone's accusin' me!

Martin said...

PS Love the Rollers t-shirt!

Anonymous said...


the thing I love about the ramones is they were trying to write pop songs as well as they could. Blitzkreig Bop was their version of the rollers saturday night, a song with a chant. last night I was listening to Jesse Malin doing his take on "rock and roll radio" (which is EXACTLY like saturday night in parts, but once they'd learnt how to play it) and I was surprised by how much I like the malin version - I'd been put off the album by the shite version of russian roulette, but it appears that thats the worst song on the album
anyway, malin comes to glasgow in december with dave from marah (another big ramones fan) and keyboard playing artiste miss christine smith and its the gig of the year

pop songs, songs that will be popular purely because they sound great, thats what I like