Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm just about to attend to some long overdue, and probably pointless garden shed maintenance. It could be messy too. Managed to summon the wherewithal to go to a local "retail park". Later than I'd have liked but one store wasn't going to be open until 11am.

So anyway, I made it there and back but the scumhordes were already out in considerable force. My ability to tholl such activity is running on empty plus. It doesn't help that when you go into these large warehouse-size stores, your mind is sucked out and your soul, if you're still in ownership, heads for the hills. I have no idea how to operate in such places and no real desire to learn. However, there are no small places left. They've gone out of business or given up. I was definitely NOT made for these times.

If you're in the Glasgow locale, I hope you'll be heading to see Ronnie Spector at The Arches tomorrow (Monday 29th). The band includes Jeremy Chatzky and Daniel Rey.

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