Thursday, August 17, 2006

RIP - Bruno Kirby
"Stripchords action this Sunday!
All hail, kits'n'kittens! The Stripchords return to Dr Strange's swinging Sunday night sesh at revered East London venue Bethnal Green Working Mens Club this weekend, avec their customary tits'n'twang action, Mr Bishop's saucy flicks, and go-go honeys - Ms Lager-Shandy and Miss Stephanie. Plus, there's top 45rpm action from The Sonic Reducer Tag Team DJs. We're looking forward to a slight hiatus following this weekend's gigs, as it's been a heavy-duty bump'n'grind of a summer, so make sure you catch some of their saucy action, unless you want to wait until October! See you at the bar! The Stripchords

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This annum's film festival semester began last night with Art School Confidential, the new Terry Zwigoff/Dan Clowes feature. It's been out in the US since May and may well be on dvd by now. Anyway, it's an OK way to spend just under two hours. It feels like these are motion comic book frames and there's a certain Kevin Smith air about it all but it holds together pretty well. Steve Buscemi is in it being himself and that's never a bad thing. In terms of the Festival atmos, there was none. No director, no actors just a big barn-like cinema packed with punters. I guess everybody concerned is well into another project by now. More on Saturday...