Monday, August 07, 2006

Been trying to figure out this new postage malarky that comes into play as of August 21st. Postage will be charged in line with size as opposed to weight and those behind this ruse are doing their utmost to say it's fairer but what is the actual likelihood of that? Not much... Just as well that i'm not physically mailing stuff at the frequency I used to or i'd be knocking on the poorhouse door. This, as much as anything, has put the kibosh on any further printed manifestation of NBT. Not that I could ever afford to do such a beastie anyway. Chalk it up to doing my bit for "the environment". Plus, all those flyers that are printed up for the Edinburgh Festival(s) have pretty much exhausted world paper supplies anyway. Used to be these things were like little pieces of art. Now it's just dtp'd bollocks. They'd be better just putting the pre-printed paper stock into the shredder because it's such utter waste that it nips my noggin just to think about it. There is no electronic format that can compete with hand pasted and xerox. Not to my knowledge. But hey, let's hear it for this misnomer called "progress". I hear about it but don't believe that i've made its acquaintance.