Thursday, July 13, 2006

You'll hardly notice, considerin' my lack of postings on this here NBT blog, but I'll be off on a short holiday break.
Back soon enough I'm afraid, but in the meantime I'll be "out there havin' fun in the warm Walcheren sun" (if that means anything to ya...).
Obviously, Captain Hutton 'll remain in charge here, but at least you'll be spared my inane ramblin's for a while...
RIP - Red Buttons
“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (allegedly). I’m settling at the minute for the fact that recent events haven’t in fact killed me. Waters and wells and Joni Mitchell songs reverberate in my noggin. Driving to and from the stalag today, I got re-aquainted with “Nights of Forgotten Films” in anticipation of the Edinburgh Film Festival programme dropping through the door. I need to give it the full forensic treatment tonight but a quick skip through the site, and said print, doesn’t look like I’ll be holing up in Auld Reekie too much over the two weeks. No Monks, no Pankrti, nothing terribly musical at all except maybe The Pixies documentary - "loudQUIETloud". If you aren’t down with that album by The Strange then I’d advise you to spring for that before you even think about film festival tickets. Because it evokes the kind of pictures we WANT to see. It’s The Bambi Molesters + Chris Eckman. What’s not to like for chrissakes!?
Meanwhile, coming up on the horizon sooner than said movie fest – Evie Sands show at the ABC2 this coming Sunday (16th) should be on your radar. Time to pick over that programme then to plan the festival schedule whilst listening to Amy Rigby and Marti Jones. There’s nothing good on TV (anyway).

Well the rumour merchants continue to decypher what was said to the great Zidane by his fave italian Matterazzi, and we at Phobics HQ can reveal what drove Zid Vicious to Head Butting crazy man mode...... " Hey Zinedine, can you get my effin' phobics cds back from your sister and mother cos now we've won the world cup I wanna celebrate you loser!"

Expect to see both in the crowd for this Saturday's gig - but be nice gentlemen or we'll be flashing our red cards!

Yessir our last minute reminder for Saturday 15th July. Barnets birthday extravaganza at the 12 Bar in Denmark Street - THE PHOBICS are on at 10:30 and will be signing autographs and body parts all through the night.

Aiding and abetting will be TOXIC SLUT, LAY OUT THE TRAPS, VACANTS and APB and headlining are the mighty evil-elvis-tastic VIVA LAS VEGAS. It's six quid in with a flyer which you can download from the photos section of

those of you who like candid entertainment should make your way to the punk photo exhibition in west london which has some fab heartbreakers shots by leee- it's free and at the redferns gallery in bramley road near to latimer road tube.

....and those for a likeing of great punk journo overload should check the latest edition of trakmarx which is a new york dolls special edition.

All this in the same weekend of Johnny Thunders Birthday and the Anniversary of Arthur Kane's death so lots more reasons to raise a glass or three. see you at the (12) Bar!