Saturday, April 01, 2006

So as of today, NBT is another year older and not necessarily wiser. Actually definitely not wiser. Yesterday was of note for another reason entirely, and one that will have ramifications with regard to the BBC here in Scotland.

The one and the only Stewart Cruickshank hung up his senior producer bunnet at Queen Margaret Drive. Ask anyone, Stewart has been responsible for much of what we know as the Scottish music terrain. He's forgotten more than many of us ever thought we knew and leaves several individuals to carry the torch. I hope that doesn't get snuffed out by the corrie-fisted actions of what passes for the hierarchy there. Wish them luck. By the time that BBC Scotland relocates to the south side of the Clyde, who knows what shape it'll be in but all is not completely lost. It just feels like it is.

And wish the good Captain a big bucket of that luck stuff also as he continues to produce the ground-breaking Iain Anderson show for an independent company. The BBC family silver is being "sold" to bolster up the balance sheets. It's a sad indictment on this world we live in but wodjagaunnae dae? On the plus side for Stewart, hopefully he'll get some of his life back and maybe even get to sorting out his record cupboard(s).

If you've ever met Stewart then you'll know that his enthusiasm is infectious. If there were more people like him around then maybe, just maybe I could ease up on the pessimism. So here's to you chief, there's still a lot of rhythm in those auld rockin' bones. May that lum of yours shake, rattle and roll to the bridge.
The Last Record Shop

Link courtesy of Sid Griffin by way of Phil Dennison.
Be Wild, Not Evil - The Link Wray Story by Jimmy McDonough on Perfect Sound Forever

Thanks to Ben Gart for the heads-up.