Wednesday, February 01, 2006

RIP: Pig Champion (Poison Idea).

"press release…February 2nd 06…

…after a frustrating year - thanks to circumstances way beyond our control - The Star Spangles return to CBGB’s for a series of shows. Starting in February, the band will play there every third Wednesday of the month – that’s

February 15th, March 15th, April 19th and May 17th

…stage-time will be 11pm sharp, and a different set is promised each time. In June, we will switch to a weekend and play monthly until the club closes. More details will be announced later…

…many of you have inquired as to our well-being and we appreciate your concern. We are determined that all the set-backs we experienced last year will make us stronger and better. Unfortunately, our inactivity was just too much for Nick & Joey, who have moved on to other things. We wish them well in their future endeavors. The line up for February’s show will be: Ian Wilson, Tommy Volume, Warren Franz and John Weber (drums). Warren has been a friend of ours since we first went to the UK and John was introduced to us by Bazooka!!! producer and honorary Ramone, Daniel Rey…

…a permanent drummer and bass player are still being sought, so if you know anyone who has their own equipment and likes to make the beautiful noise, have them get in touch. Obviously, you have to live in the NYC area and if you know who Earl Palmer and Danny Mihm are, even better… write to:

…the 2nd album, “Dirty Bomb” has been finished since Oct 28th and still awaits a release date…


10.02.06 - D-Strassbourg, Le Zanzibar

11.02.06 - F-Paris, Gloria Club

12.02.06 - F-Valence, MJC

14.02.06 - I-Turin, Velvet

15.02.06 - I-Riva del Garda, Lochness

16.02.06 - I-Forli, Diagonal

17.02.06 - I-Castelnovo, Madly Pub

18.02.06 - I-Roncà, Jack The Ripper
My recollection of Robyn Hitchcock records from "back in the day" was that they were Barrettesque anglodelica. Nothing terribly thrilling for me at the time but when he hits Glasgow with Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck in his combo then it has to be worth a look. Even on a bleak winter school night. Nothing could have prepared me for such utter power pop-rockin' flawless set. I didn't know many of the songs but they seemed to have been rejuvenated with an infectious energy. I wonder if Hitchcock's stage banter is the same every night because his ability to veer off on a tangent is exemplary. Maybe it's a loose script or something. Anyway, it doesn't seem like yer usual monosyllabic Hello - "insert placename here", and is very entertaining. It teetered precariously close to parody between Spinal Tap and The Rutles but the sheer gusto of the sound reigned supreme throughout.

The first part of the encore had Scott perform two songs from the just-released Minus 5 “Gun Album”. In this fucked up world there are still people who can transport you and these gents provided that conduit for me on Monday night back yonder.

The Gun Album is released by Cooking Vinyl on February 6th.