Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Not a lot of time at the moment to populate this thing due to one thing and another. Haven't got to the bottom of the e-mail hiccup either which is getting to be a right pisser. But anyway, looks like I won't have to spend a half hour scraping the ice off the car this am. The lull before the alleged (snow) storm. Just so long as I get stranded here and not at the dreaded stalag. Weather permitting this weekend, check these shows out... of course any kids in the Helsinki area will be going to see The Nomads. Correct?

"The Last Town Chorus will visit the UK next week for a few shows. Megan's first solo dates in the UK... lap steel, voice and a digital thing.

+ 25 November (Friday) - London, England @ 12 Bar Club 9PM. Produced by Comes With a Smile magazine. With James William Hindle.

+ 26 November (Saturday) - Edinburgh, Scotland @ Henry's Jazz Cellar . 8PM. With Denghis.

+ 27 November (Sunday) - Glasgow, Scotland @ Mono 8PM"