Friday, November 04, 2005

Barcelona Hayride

Away from the hubbub of rock'n'roll music or whatever - my bud, The Very Rev. Duane Sherwood has put together some great digital infrared images of his Brooklyn base. Completely office friendly, nothing dodgy, and there ain't much you can say that about these days.
It’s been a quick week even by recent standards and there hasn’t been too much time to spend in front of this here computer. My mind is fried with trying to sort out a database driven website for my dayjob so the last thing I’ve felt like is spending anymore time in front of a screen at home. Y’ken…

Caught the tail end of The Beat Poets set in Ashton Lane on Sunday past, what we caught was smokin’ and a welcome blast of noise pollution into the night air. Playing outside? In Glasgow? At the end of October?? Another sign of global warming mayhap???

Anyway, I’ve been getting in about The Morells set, Viva Dictators and Messer Chups “Crazy Price”, the new Amfphukt Iphano album and the first 4 episodes of Season 5 of Curb Your Enthusiasm in between times and will report on these further in due course along with other stuff but there are a few things that I need to run by you that are comin’ in dead stick.
If you’re anywhere near Glasgow, THE PRIMEVALS cd launch for "On The Red Eye" is at Mono this coming Sunday and copies of this Last Call compendium will be available to buy at the show as will some other booty.

Those in the vicinity of Edinburgh can catch Shock and Awe with Mika Bomb at The Subway down there on The Cowgate.

And back on a Messer Chups trip, I’ve been treated to a couple of previews of their upcoming "Hyena Safari" album out soon on Solzne and it’s another sure fire belter.

So no, I haven’t absconded, more input as and when – very probably at the weekend.