Monday, October 31, 2005

Cockney Reject by Jeff Turner with Gary Bushell (John Blake). After readin' the surprisingly good Andy Blade bio I figured this might deliver more of the same. I was wrong.
I'll readily confess to actually likin' some of the Cockney Rejects' stuff back in the day, so I dug into lead singer Stinky Turner's autobiography with an open mind. The book paints a very bleak picture of a couple of young kids who hooked on to the punk thing with the mindset of soccer hooligans. Subsequently the amount of violence in here is insane, on every other page noses are broken, teeth knocked out or worse. Obviously most of the victims "asked for it". I ploughed my way to the end of the book lookin' if there 'd be some kinda remorse or whatever but found none. Tellingly, only the final chapter concerns the actual music. Get this only if you are into soccer-related violence, otherwise better stay clear...
It's Mondo Time again in Edinburgh...

"Thanks to all that turned up to make our first night in our new venue such a success. Was great to see a proper-size dancefloor bomp and stomp to the Sonics, and good to know the cats can still dig Human Fly without 2 Many DJ's.
We're chuffed to bits to have DJ Laurent as this months guest - expect some great Ska, Soul, RnB and French Beat, and some tunes wot you perhaps never heard before.

MONDO a GO-GO - Saturday November the 5th,

in The Loft @ The Venue, Calton Road Edinburgh.

11pm til 3am, £5/4 before Midnight, £6/5 after.

Guest DJ Laurent, Dr No's/Red Dot Radio (60's Soul and RnB, Ska, French Beat)

Residents Tall Paul Robinson and Angus will be there to play;
60's, Mod, Garage, Soul, Punk, New Wave, Surf, Psychedelia and Ska."

This wee fella overdid it at the Beer Festival yesterday.

Nevertheless, he wishes y'all a guid Hallowe'en all the same!