Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Still 4 DT's shows to go...

- 10/26 (wed) Leicester,(The Charlotte)
- 10/27 (thurs) London,(Brixton Windmill)
- 10/28 (fri) Nottingham,(Sonic Dirt show @ Junction 7)
- 10/29 (sat) Birmingham,(Cold Rice show @ Bar Academy/Academy 3)
Yes, with help from our returning special ghost, the bewitching Rosalie Morris!

Susquehanna Industrial Ghoul & Die Co. / Thursday, October 27th / Otto's Shrunken Head / 538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) / Two shows, from 8:00 until 10:00 sharp / Free /

And, yes, we haunt Otto's EVERY Thursday. Being undead and all. Come visit us beyond the grave, too, at www.SITandDieCo.com.

Sincerely, Michael, SIT & Die Co. "Ballads, Boogies & Bloooood"

Picked up the latest issue of The Stool Pigeon in Mono t'other night. It has Billy Childish on the cover and if you visit their website you can find out where you can pick up a copy in your locale. Anyways, I'll be hornswaggled if Southern Distro aren't pushing releases by Messer Chups and Ennio Morricone to the kids. Both on a label called Ipecac outta Northern California.

If you find yourself in Stockholm this 4th November...

Sad news for the Dictators, the Coyote Men, the Mighty Ions and all you other fans of Pro Wrestling...RIP: The Crusher
Roky in yesterday's Guardian.

John Peel's Record Box.

(Thanks to Tom and Joss for the links)
Four shows in three days. Not bad for an auld geezer that should probably be sitting in front of the telly. Heck, I even missed the final episode of “Monarch Of The Glen”. The pummelling heavy soul stylings of The Dt’s hit Glasgow on a driech Sunday night. This is not a lightweight foo-foo appropriation of riffage, this is the real deal.

The folks culpable in bringing this monster to the UK are The Grease Monkeys and they opened the show in gonzo punk glory. Their recent time spent in the Tim Kerr Boot Camp has honed their sound and having a crisp, sharp drummer to propel their fare indicates a considerable improvement. Not sure what’s happening with the TK produced album but you’ll read about it here when I do.

Nice to have my old mucker David Crider in the ‘hood. Most of you will know him as the man who brought Estrus Records to the world. We fought in the first proto-garagerock wars together and he remains true to his school. The Dt’s are his latest combo and if you imagine the Detroit Cobras amped up with an animated frontperson then you’d be getting a snapshot of their sound. However, this is an almost industrial strength strain of classic rockin’ soul. Borne out by a trashing of instrument after instrument suggesting that they need to get some kind of sponsorship to keep things moving. Some kind of deal where guitar manufacturers road test their product so see how much abuse they'll stand. It’s a mighty beast in full flight. And who could even imagine the voice that emits from Diana, a slight lass. Nice, quiet and composed until she stalks the stage and a Maggie Bell-sized growl flies into play. A set of pipes from beyond Joplin and enriched with the warmth of Lulu. Taste their loud, proud racket that takes no prisoners as the band brings the noise to a locale near you over the coming week so make a point of going out to catch ‘em.

So there y’go, a report from the front line instead of the cocoa and biscuits one might expect from a critter of my late years. I’m looking forward to the smoking ban kicking in here next Spring. If there’s one thing that I dislike more than going out it’s coming back honking of smoke. I’m coughing and spluttering today as a result. But maybe it’s the bird flu? Like I should be so lucky.