Saturday, October 15, 2005

It’s been a weird week. Not in terms of any psychedelic shenanigans or anything like that but I’ve been doing some thinking in between and during headaches. Got a message from Bruce (e-mole) Mowat which saw him renounce his blogging and whatnot and it really struck a chord. I’ve been feeling blogged out and not entirely sure why I feel the need to drag my tuppence worth out to air it online let alone anywhere else. As a vehicle to pass on information it’s fine but in the grand scheme of things, the thought of pulling the plug is never too far away. In amongst these thoughts, there are shards of why I should maybe carry on. The fact that tickets for the upcoming shows by the Hacienda Brothers in Scotland haven’t sold out weeks ago is obscene to me. It might be a question of profile but to me it’s a grave oversight on the part of anybody around these parts that’s supposed to be into good music. Out here in the trenches, it rankles and smacks of outright stupidity (bad stupid not good) but if we manage to connect one lost soul with the majesty of their country soul stylings then my mithering is worth it.

Listened to Laura (Cantrell’s) short set at the Peel thing there just now and tis a thing of great beauty indeed. An amazing performance under a considerable strain of nerves and emotion I imagine. If you think I’m exaggerating hear it for yourself. The version of Don Gibson’s “(I’ll Be) A Legend In My Time” is particularly moving. I remember her performance of it on an early Peel Session, worked up specially for the man after hearing that it was a favourite of his on a tape I’d sent her of his commentary on playing cuts from “Trembling Kind”. She’s come a long way in these last five years and it’s a positive example of being able to watch something grow that’s real and not some lab experiment. I imagine that this short set would have made an impact on all that were there last Wednesday night. Wonder if it was filmed?
MON 17TH OCT - STEREO, Kelvinhaugh St., Glasgow:



DEM/HOBO record players
£4/£3 conc. 8 -til- 12

"JAWBONE: Jawbone is a one-man band, that man being Bob Zabor of Chicago, who plays harmonica, guitar, and drums (well, bass drum and tambourine) and sings. Although starting as just stand up harmonica in coffee houses and cafes, in a desire to play r'n'r shows Bob has become a raucous blues racket from the Bo Diddley/Lightning Hopkins tradition. John Peel of course adored Jawbone and played his debut "Dang Blues" on LOOSE Music (a totally home made album) tirelessly. He is well aware of fellow primitivist Bob Log III and like him, is no purist. This is hard and fast rock'n'roll stomp with heavy slide guitar. Check him out at...

THE GREASE MONKEYS: Definitive local rock and roll whoopers. Prime rump tunes that sizzle in a pan of international punk rock fat ...tasty. (...nice one Tom!)

...well, hopefully see yers down there - failing that, we gotta coupla gigs in Mono
comin' up: Sun 23rd Oct supporting the DT's; and Halloweennight (Mon 31st Oct).
Rock On! ...................Jim & the Grease Monkeys"