Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I have to say that I'm with Angel Corpus Christi on the "I wouldn't Want To Be Bob Dylan" thing. And likewise Bobby presumably wouldn't want to be us either as the lady's song goes. But what about No Direction Home then? Pretty goddamn groovy stuff even for a relative non-believer like myself.

Scorsese did a great job getting Dylan to open up like he did. Great as the way this appeared on TV was, I wish I'd seen it first in a cinema. As iconography goes, and if you dug nothing else about it those old photos and clips indicated what a world of possibilities existed then. Of course, living in it would never have seemed like that but nothing nowadays is ever not stage-managed. Almost nothing that makes it through that "sophisticated filter" to any manner of mainstream appeal that is.

It kinda fizzled out before I expected it to but I guess too much of a good thing would maybe make people think that something like this could happen again. Not many things live up to even the slightest hype but this did.