Sunday, September 18, 2005

Out now on A Fistful Of Records a new 45 by London's Blacktime; I Hate The World And The World Hates Me c/w Sleepwalking and Chinese Mechanics. Lo on the fi, these kids still manage to come up w/ the kind o' racket that not only touches all the right lounchin' pads, but also escapes any obvious comparisons. Hit the above link for ordering info, you won't regret it.
No sooner had I typed the expression "Girls in the garage" then this teaser poster for Dollsquad landed in my inbox from the other side of the world (Australia). Fear not, these ladies are prepared to go further for the party than a couple of dabs of the ol' carbon monoxide for effect.

"Are you ready for the fast action feline frenzy that is DollSquad? Well slide on down to the following boss shows:

Friday 23rd September "Girls in the Garage" @ Pony (68 Little Collins Street) with four killer all girl bands plus the fabulous Man's Ruin Burlesque steamin' up the stage and escape artist extraordinaire Dr El Suavo who will act as the MC for the nite and engage in some impromptu straight jacket antics! Plus a buxotic bevy of gogo dancers, stalls and door prizes.

Saturday 8th October "Kaleidoscope Klub" @ Cobra (Upstairs - The Tote, Johnson St) Pay homage to the heyday of the playboy and playgirl in hedonistic style at Cobra Bar. Dress for the occasion and receive a door prize. The Kaleidoscope Klub features hotter than hot dj''s, live bands, gogo girls in cages no less and grinding burlesque acts.

In other news, DollSquad have finished recording a brand new stack of songs at Preston Studios with Graeme Thomas. We recorded the old fashioned way with all vintage equipment on reel to reel with just two tracks - one for the music and one for the vocals. We were joined by Peter Rechter from the TolPuddle Martyrs and Peter and the Silhouettes (original Aussie garage punkers) on organ!
Been nursing a headache of varying proportions for about a week now. While it's still evident it isn't making me feel nauseous now. I can only assume that's down to the amount of paracetamol that I've popped since last Tuesday. However, needs must and in the area of fighting fire, I thought to myself that some loud music might actually quell the old nip. Not sure about the science part there but it kind of made sense at the time. Anyway, the soul-tinged stylings of THE SLOW SLUSHY BOYS "LOVE AND AFFECTION" ten inch mini album seems like a good way to start. 10 cuts crammed into this svelt groove with a warmth and grace seldom experienced in recent times. These SSB fellas have their art down-pat and this B-Soul release is something of a revelation. The hammond-fueled antics are as infectious as all get out and like all good hootch, the originals sit effortlessly beside the covers. The title is derived from the Nathaniel Mayer penned "I Want Love and Affection" that kicks this wanton stramash off. Stand out is the unstoppable "Slush Puppy" that would set any worthy dancefloor on fire. Their slide on through Arthur Conley's "I'm Gonna Forget About You" is worthy of The Skeletons themselves. Prepare to get shivers and shakes in equal measures.

LES GODZILLAS appear on that SSB slab but also have their own 250mm (approx) diameter platter available. "GREEDANGELAMENTO" is made up of two group originals and covers of The Seeds, Wanda Jackson, The Pandoras and The Fall (!). The thing that sets it apart from being just another "Girls In The Garage" type thing is its overt Frenchness. It has that Gallic cool which packs a distinct feel to the delivery as opposed to just bashing a songs brains out.

No prizes for guessing where THE DELTABONDS "GOT FUN IF YOU WANT IT" is coming from but it's Fleshtone-powered rambunctiousness short circuits the authentic nature of the garageness. It isn't stuck in the rut of any one era and is somehow recorded as an open ended party invitation. If they can cut it like this live then it'd be quite a hoedown.

Gotta hand it to these French kids. They've been beavering away at rock'n'roll's coal face for years. There was a time when the only place that a US band could get arrested would be in France. Since those days, Spain has come along to offer refuge to the real mccoy in terms of similar mania but if it wasn't for our European brothers and sisters, real music - like real ale - would be in serious trouble. It might well have become extinct by now.

Be a putz and reckon that the UK is the place to be if you want but it's all happening just over yonder horizon. The LARSEN department is ready to help you with your requests for their timeless catalogue staples. A fine place where familiarity could never be construed with contempt.
Ooh wee, old school hip-hop posters 'n Party Flyers.