Saturday, September 10, 2005

Join Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders as we Rock San Diego & Long Beach

Where: The Casbah, 2501 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101. The Woggles, Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders (ex-Lazy Cowgirls), The Loons, DJ Tony the Tiger!!! When: wednesday, Sept. 14th 9:00pm. How Much: $8
AND we'll be in Long Beach the following Friday, Sept 16th: Where: Que Sera/Club Strychnine 1923 East 7th Street (at Cherry Avenue), Long Beach, CA 90804. Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders will Rock Out Long Beach Yet Again!! w/ The Loons & Harbortown Saints (ex-Humpers/Lords of Altamont)
Mr Vahlberg kindly sent me the heads-up on whats happening ala ROBERT JOHNSON and PUNCHDRUNKS. The soon-to-be released "Taste The Whup At Old Dog" is quite a departure from the futuristic surf. This is more a polysymphonic spree kinda like John Carpenter getting it on with Yellow Magic Orchestra while they figure out some Joe Meek chops. The electronica-fied programmed drum throb might be alarming on first entry but stick with it. The pulsating backbeat isn't as much of a jump as the initial jolt would suggest. There are only two members in RJaP now and they've got 14 different producers on the 14 cuts that make up the album.

The cinematic sweep of the sound makes me wonder if this'll ever be performed live. I can't see these guys hamming it up amidst a battery of stadium lighting like The Chemical Brothers or Orbital. Robert is too steeped in rock'n'roll for that, to my mind. When I visited their site, I saw there was a 2cd collection of previously released material available with plenty of rare and unreleased gear on there too. Having had the privilege of witnessing the raw power of RJ in action, I've got the bug. I could see where this new direction could flummox people. However, when the surprise - or even shock - has quelled, this bold jump is oddly satisfying.

There are obvious Kraftwerk and Suicide comparisons to be made and lazy bastards might be inclined to write off "Old Dog" as such. However, there are many subliminal riches in these seams and aided/abetted by serious volume - there's a lotta life in this strange twist in the road that our Swedish chums have taken.

Dirty Water and Club for Losers get together for DIRTY LOSERS - TONIGHT! It's at Clockwork, 96 Pentonville Road, Islington (five minutes walk from Angel, seven minutes from Kings Cross) with live sounds from:

TITS OF DEATH – Five women, two bass guitars, two synths, one guitar. And the dirty box! T*ts of Death was borne out of not much more than the simple desire to jump around and act out the deepest, darkest, most Spinal Tap-esque of rock fantasies. And yet the beast has grown to become the dirtiest, s*xiest girl rock’n’roll group in town. If you’ve been wanting a band with the Runaways/Suzy Quatro/Girlschool kind of spirit then this is the group you’ve been waiting for!

BONAR LAW claim that " these bitter climes of boring, two dimensional, cut and paste pretension the eclectic nature of Bonar Law and her offspring of intense modern pop songs threaten to bring all adversaries to their knees or sweep them off their feet. One more aphrodisiac for the road!"

Doors open at 8:30pm, just a fiver to get in. Three for a fiver on some lines of bottled beers, draught beers also available. DJs till 3am.
Anybody who can, oughtta make it a priority to get to the shindig in Brooklyn tomorrow. Details below. Great people getting together for a great cause who will get the funds raised directly to the people who need it.

It's been a quiet week in terms of anything happening around here. Our old mucker, Mr David Snyder has made the hop from from Philly to Glasgow for a few days so we'll be hanging out with that wildman. He'll have copies of his new BOB pamphlet with him so if any of you folks want one then just let me know and I'll mail you one. At no cost to your bad self.

Those Boonaraaas are heading for the studio this weekend somewhere in Germany to start work on the follow up to Go Get Goo Goo. That made me wonder what's happened to the Voladoras album. Isn't there a label out there that needs some primo gear to release instead of the slop that's served up on a daily basis?

Just heard a great song by someone called Linda Cumbo on Brian Matthews so I'm off now to track that down. It's on a President Records comp.

Nothing to do with Wee G I imagine, so we're all set...