Saturday, September 03, 2005

Printed 'zines are few 'n far between these days, so it's good to see that there's still people out there willin' to dive head first into the wonderful and exciting world of DIY publishing. Rock & Roll Poison is the latest contender from over here in Holland, and features stuff on the Bassholes, Lost Sounds, Dirtbombs, the No-Goods and Springsteen. Good ol' cut 'n paste graphics, and besides the comics it's all in English. Done by an actual "kid", this deserves your support. Contact Teun for ordering info...

The Whiskey Daredevils are “a natural extension of The Cowslingers” and being a modest bunch they’ve called their full length debut “Greatest Hits”. As country-smoked Garage punk goes it’s not half bad and it should entertain you folks who sport a penchant for such a strain. These Daredevils know their limitations and they aren’t afraid to exploit that. They run the gamut from Southern Culture all the way to Nine Pound Hammer and blaze that trash trail with a cheeky knowing smirk. They’ve got it down and there’s nothing wrong with that. Feeling Merle Haggard and short of Johnny Cash indeed, That’ll be the Lakewood, Ohio rhyming slang.

Rock ’n’ Roll Monkey and The Robots “Detroit Trauma” reminds me of a fuzzed-up Black Vinyl Shoes. Quite overtly poppy but twisted with a claustrophobic Mary Chain-ness. Built around the trio of Craig Campbell, Jackie Herman and Ken Seech, this combo isn’t just another Motor City garage band. Their fare is a little more open ended and even veers into DIY indie territory. I’m not sure how the media grades something like this nowadays, as far as I can tell this could be the next überhipster thing. It has those trappings but kids who discover their musical intake via computer games probably wouldn’t get it at all. “Toss It Back Like Kerouac” and “James Dean Was A Jerk” served up on a 7” 45 would have almost definitely floated John Peel’s boat to my mind. There’s a lot going on over these 12 songs, each repeated play will draw you deeper into the R’n’R Monkey domain. These people deal in a peculiar concoction that could well catch on but what the heck do I know? Now, there's an invitation if ever there was one...


Happening this very weekend, as I type and post better late than not at all... August just evaporated, what can I tell you?
THE BAMBI MOLESTERS site has been snazzily updated and plays their fine, fine music on a loop as you take in the sights. Some shows upcoming too...

29th September: Frankfurt - DKK - Germany

1st October: Dresden – Groovestation - Germany

2nd October: Poznan – Academy - Poland
Just in from Brother Don in SF...

"saw brian and his big band at the greek theater in berkeley tonite. most excellent. weather was very nice (outdoor show). to hear beach boys songs played outside at night in california -- this new yorker couldn't ask for a better setting (except maybe the hollywood bowl). he opened with "do it again" followed by "breakaway", and from there went on to more and more beach boys classics just like last time. "dance dance dance" was great. "in my room" got a big hand. but the crowd fave was "help me rhonda". he also did the spector thing, "then i kissed her". a few obscurities like "drive in" and "marcella". he said he just cut a christmas album and did "little saint nick". only brian wilson would perform a xmas song at the beginning of september.

then a 20 minute break and they came back and did the smile album. and then "johnny b. goode" started the encores which was one great beach boys song after another. "surfer girl", "i get around", "fun fun fun", "surfin' usa". little kids dancing onstage. finally he made a plea for red cross donations for new orleans and did a nice rendition of "love and mercy". last time he did that for the tidal wave victims. seems there's always some disaster for brian to dedicate that song to!

a good night in berkeley."