Friday, September 02, 2005

(unconfirmed) Update:
* Fats Domino has been rescued from his flooded house. He is safe but exhausted.
* Dave Bartholomew and his family escaped with the ‘clothes on their backs.’
* Allen Toussaint was reportedly seeking a bus to Houston….
* The Nevilles are in Memphis but their homes are a mess.
* Just had an unconfirmed report that Irma Thomas is safe.
* Connie LaRocca is with her family in Las Vegas but her house, which is near the broken 17th Street levee, is under water.
* No news of Chuck Carbo except that his house is submerged.
* Still awaiting to hear news on Clarence Henry, Frankie Ford, Harold Battiste, Cosimo Matassa etc.
* Writers Jeff Hannusch and Tad Jones both evacuated safely, but acknowledge it will be ‘months’ before they can return – and they have no idea what they will be returning to.
Statement by the Box Tops' Bill Cunningham.
The overwhelming events in Crescent City get more Romero/Carpenter-like by the minute. Obviously the reports of missing luminaries from the world of music are disturbing but it’s like a huge disaster movie set and everyone there is pretty much starting from the same level, irrespective of their trade. Why weren’t they ready for it? Because the reality of such a thing happening is utterly beyond comprehension. All those years of CGI computer graphics have taken their toll and scenes like those that are being beamed from the Gulf Coast look like they have to be photoshopped only they ain’t. Why can’t the richest country deal with it? Because of the chasm between the haves and have nots. Wee George’s smarmy, smirking kisser and platitudes just aren’t enough. Apparently he’s down there today, way down yonder ala Freddy Cannon. The little bugger should have dropped EVERYTHING and gone there straight away rather than spend four days pratting about but anyway… what’s done is unfolding as an (inter)national disgrace.

Our thoughts are with those who have folks and connections with that area of the world. The utter scale of the devastation is impossible to fathom. Mother nature is now back in the frame as the world’s #1 terror threat with two humungous body counts scored agin the earth (so far) in the past 10 months. That Al Qaeda bloke won’t be notching up the credit for this one. Worse than 9/11 Georro reckons, sharp as a tack or what?

Tom Morton sent this link to THE GUMBO PAGES which has up to date info. Thankyer sir.
John Peel Day - October 13th: "The very first John Peel Day will take place on Thursday October 13th. The day will be a celebration of John's life and massive contribution to music and broadcasting with as many venues as possible staging gigs across the UK under the banner of Peel Day. Prior to this there will be a very special London gig organised by Radio 1 with details to be confirmed nearer the time."