Saturday, August 20, 2005

RIP - Randy "Biscuit" Turner (info from Mike McEchron)
So, STONED. What can I tell you? 102 minutes of utter tedium probably just about covers it. At the beginning there's a shot of "The Stones" standing across the street through a telephone box that "Brian" is making a call on behalf of his band. They look like The Star Spangles. It's all downhill from there as we're dragged through a miserable attempt to recreate the period. If this is the untold story then maybe there's a reason for that. There ain't much of one to tell. The wigs are terrible, the soundtrack blows, there's a cut in there by The Counterfeit Stones. When reading up on the film yesterday before heading off, expectations were lowered but I really didn't figure on it being SUCH a stinker. To be avoided at all costs, we suffered enough for everybody.

The adventure continues today with FOURTEEN SUCKS, POPULAR MUSIC and SUGAR. Wish we luck...