Thursday, August 18, 2005

I've been sitting here this afternoon watching Ebay and in particular trying to score a copy of "I Cannot Stop You" by The Cherry Slush. Everything was going great until I noticed that the price was escalating and then all of a sudden there was a retraction. Upon further investigation I found that there was "retraction" on other items by the same seller by the same bidder and this REALLY PISSED ME OFF. Subsequently, I ducked out and reported this activity. I am this far (virtually zip) from never going near Ebay again. Fuck that. I don't mind shelling out but I'm not gonna be played for the privilege so another one has got away. I'll connect with one of those suckers eventually. Maybe one of you folks has a copy that's lookin' for a good home?

Anyway on a Motor City theme, check out this DIRTBOMBS teaser trailer for "It Came From Detroit". Never really dug the records but this clip looks pretty magnificent to me.

It might be festival time in Edinburgh but none of that can compare with the choice that's available to denizens of "The London" tomorrow night. This bunch of miscreants have a shindig on the go in addition to the Phast experience... choose wisely my boogie chillun!

"The Stripchords are go!

Tits'n'twang has always been a great combination, and now there's a new beat combo to fill yer boots, in both capacities!

This unruly quartet are set to make their live debut at Naked Ruby's South Seas Ahoy!!! allnighter TOMORROW!

Featuring a host of superb DJs, spread over two rooms, blasting a mix of soul, garage, R&B, ska, soundtracks and owt else that takes their fancy, this mammoth undertaking also boasts live sets from Naked Ruby and Colt 45, plus go-go dancers, movies, and other exotic treats.

The Stripchords will be taking to the stage upon the stroke (pun intended) of midnite! The Sonic Reducer Tag Team will subsequently supply several hours of raucous, backbone-slipping 45-based tuneage, alongside their brethren KatManDude and Man Of Sideburns.

The Stripchords are all-star combo, comprising of Captain Standish (50 Watts Of Power club / The Speed Of Sound / Honey & The Hucksters / Baby Birkin), BigKegShandy (Sonic Reducer Tag Team / Problem Hair / Zero Willpower), Dillon Rocker (The Bad Breed), and Yan Quellien (The Barracudas / Hullabalooes / Sky Saxon's Seeds).
To accompany a titillating projection of choice 8mm cheesecake flicks from the '50s, The Stripchords will be twanging on covers like "Pass The Hatchet", "Theme From Billy Liar", "Buzzzzz", and the "Batfink Theme", plus such original compositions as "The Maharaja", "Susan's Smalls", "Beatnik Rodeo", and "Voodoo Clam".

Jamm, 261 Brixton Road, London SW9 6LH. Nearest Tubes: Oval or Brixton
Admission £5 9.30pm-11pm, and £8 after, with the party going until 6am."
GEORGE A. ROMERO LIVE at the Edinburgh Film Festival this coming Saturday!


Maribor, Slovenija, Pekarna, KURD
26. , 27. 8. 2005

Mr McLean just flagged this blighter up. Happening maybe three miles away from here but never had a scoob about it... FURTHER INFO

Well it's been a roller-coastin' few days with our NY buds and Phast Phreddie was snapped here hoovering through the bins at Europa Records in Stirling looking for sounds to bring down on top of the Dirty Water during his upcoming stint there tomorrow night (Friday 19th). I hope all our troops in the capital will make their way down there to support the man in his ongoing campaign to heal the musical ills we have to face on a regular basis. I never thought in a million years that such a major influence on my starting this NBT carry on, would end up hanging in our locale. It's the stuff like this that makes it all worthwhile.

Wish we could join them down there but our Film Festival shenanigans start tomorrow in Edinburgh so t'was not to be. Mr Tim Kerr will be in attendance at The Grease Monkeys show in Glasgow's 13th Note tonight so I hope to shoehorn that into the schedule someplace. It was great also to meet Ms Sue Garner in Edinburgh on Monday night. All too brief though. Yo La Tengo played a blinder in a packed to the gunnels Liquid Room. It was so hot in there that it was like a sodding furnace. Have to say that I'm not familiar with their catalogue at all but they definitley have a special brew goin'. I now completely understand that they aren't just another college rock combo locked in indie limbo. They can really kick it up, AND out!

OK lotta stuff to catch up on so that's you up to speed kinda. More whenever...