Saturday, August 13, 2005

OK, some long overdue vinyl reviews.

The A-Lines - You Can Touch (Sympathy LP).
I've lost track a bit of the entire post Headcoat(ee)s output, I mean, that moustache just got to go before I will ever consider goin' to see the Buff Medways again. There's no excessive facial hair involved with the A-Lines thankfully. Kyra and Bongo Debbie with Delia (bass) and Julie (guitar) deliver a fine set of punque-rock feminine. Sure, it sounds like the Headcoatees but there's nothing wrong with that of course. Just dig Kyra randomly changing the lyrics into Dutch (a language eternally unsuited for rock'n'roll, but it works here!) and a swell cover of the Electric Eels Agitated. The I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/Can't Explain, uh, "mash-up" is as cool as the age-old Kinks/Doors take on Hello I Love You way back when on the first Delmonas EP.

Roky Erickson - The Psychedelic Banjo Man (no label boot LP).
There was a time when I knew this stuff by heart, but at this point in time I have no idea how much of this has been around before. That said, this one is easy on the ears enough to recommend it anyways. Acoustic demos, live stuff (w/ an' without band), you know the score. The powerhouse take on The Wind And More is worth the price of admission alone. Sound quality is A-OK, just don't get over excited by the We Sell Soul demo, it's the 45 version alright. Oh, and it's a picture disc as well...

Various - Studio One Roots 2 (Soul Jazz 2LP).
London's Soul Jazz label strikes again with a perfectly put together comp from the Studio 1 vaults. Even with the extreme amount of re-issues on Jamaican music available they're still able to put out packages that include previously un-heard/re-issued tunes of way above standard quality. Oh well, seems like we've reached the point were all Soul Jazz's releases have become mandatory.

ZZZ - Sound Of ZZZ (Excelsior LP).
Dutch duo that turns in a powerhouse performance w/ just drums, organ 'n vocals. They've been gettin' all kindsa kudos, but not from Holland's garage "scene" for whatever reason. No matter what, this is a good 'un. The first impression links 'em to the Suicide/Cramps/Scientists chain of things, but listen closer and stuff like the Doors and even the Chemical Brothers rear their heads as well. It's out on labels in the UK, USA and France, so there's no reason to skip this. Dig in and be surprised...
A very happy birthday to our London correspondent and all round nice guy Steve Coleman! May your next 44 years be filled with Fleshtones gigs and Wynonie Harris box-sets. I raise my virtual glass of wine to you. Cheers my friend!
Yep, all the best Steve...

Sopranos fans will be cockahoop to discover that an additional 8 episodes of the series will be made in addition to the 12 that will make up the sixth season.