Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rob Patterson witnessed the return of the man they call ROKY ERICKSON in Austin and has kindly given me the nod to reprint his report... (Thanks to HT for setting it all up)

"He played an 8-10 song set with The Explosives Saturday night at a party/gig/benefit celebrating his birthday amidst a bunch of other bands playing his songs in tribute. This was his first real set in about 20 years and his first since achieving mental and physical wellness.

Not only was it a miracle to see him singing and playing onstage to begin with, but the set rocked. Due credit to The Explosives, especially Cam King, who was Roky's right hand support and is one helluva guitarist. Roky's voice was a bit rough and you could tell that he was a bit nervous. But with each song (and the fervent cheers and applause) he got stronger. He lapsed only once on a lyric, and otherwise sang and played strong rhythm guitar and even some leads like the rocker he is. Not just amazing to see him do it again, but do it in a way that showed he was truly back and in time, well, who knows? And the band is fucking great.

Thought you'd like to know that.

He's playing an even longer show on the 18th at the Threadgill's Beer Garden just in case you get a wild hair."

To be continued...
Aye. There's a lot "gannin' doon" as they say in someplaces where they talk with strange accents and the odd brogue. Activity on this puppy will be intermittent over the next wee while but if there's something you REALLY need to know then we'll be here for you. OK? Grand.

Latest CBGB's news just in from Ms Breslow...

and on a Cb's related tip...

"...The Star Spangles had a blast last week with Debbie Harry, "Handsome" Dick Manitoba, Jesse Malin, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and The Charms (amongst others) while helping Little Steven kick off this month's series of CBGB's benefits.

The band played 2 short sets: Tell Lies, Which Of The Two Of Us Is Gonna Burn This House Down, Tear It To Pieces Girl, I Don't Wanna Be Crazy Anymore, Gangland and Make Yourself Useful, Babe. Then, next door, in CB's Gallery: I Feel So Good, House, Take Care Of Us, Science Fiction/Science Fact, Crazy and the Stones' Connection."

More at their SITE very soon.