Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mike McEchron does a steller job with his Cramps campaigning and has just put up a great page of Cramps T-shirt designs. Wish I had photos of some of the old LOTC shirts but unfortunately tis not to be. What about any of you folks? I know I have a pic of a youthful David Alvin Esq. sporting one but the lord only knows where that is. When Mike isn't working his fingers to the bone, he's hepping us to stuff like Tom Heinl who is like a cross between combo period Ben Vaughn and Homer Henderson. Yep that reads very good indeed and he's opening for Holly Golightly on her US tour. While I chase up his album go listen to the tunes on his site. (Thanks for the tip Mike).

David Muxlow just got back from seeing The 5678's, with an opening band called NAKED RUBY that he reckons you folks would like.

And last (but by no means least), Mrs Stim sent me this link which appeals to my puerile sweary = funny base instinct. It is NOT work friendly and may cause offense. Maybe she was trying to tell me something?
Reading Don's thing there about TFC pretty much encapsulates what that group is about. Their critical acclaim notwithstanding, I have no idea why no meganormous hits have transpired during their career. Here is a band that deserves to sell a gazillion records. Many combos who directly steal, appropriate or are obviously influenced by do so I'd like to see a little justice done here. Of course generally, what is actually done and what I consider are generally poles apart.

The Proclaimers cd with today's issue of The Scotsman brought back some memories of seeing them open for The Cateran at The Onion Cellar in Edinburgh. They blew me away but the concensus as I remember was that they were hokey. If they'd looked like Don and Phil Everly it mighta been a different story. I remember talking to a couple of labels about how great they were. Like The Angry Corries crossed with Simon and Garfunkel but nobody listened. Not until they appeared on The Tube singing "Letter From America" and that's where it all took legs. They're a great act who can balance hokey with a real professional edge. They've had a couple of hits though and it's time the Fanclub had the same. Don't you think?
Hot off the press from brother Don in 'Frisco...

"just back from bimbo's where glasgow's finest performed what can only be described as a triumphant performance. first of all, thank you to francis from me and cynthia for the passes which in no way affected the following completely unbiased report...

second, altho i have a few teenage fanclub albums i don't have them all and i must admit that most of what i've heard by them over the years (aside from their latest album and the incredible SONGS FROM NORTHERN BRITAIN) i heard over and over again in my buddy tom's car. that and the fact that i was under the influence of 12 yr old macallan (seemed appopriate) means i can't tell you every song they did or in what order.

but everyone else in the capacity crowd certainly knew every song. they screamed like it was the beatles fer chrissake. well, it WAS one great tune after another... classics like "start again", "i need direction", "your love is the place where i come from", "sparky's dream"... even their first record, "everything flows". they did a lot from the new album including "slow fade", "only with you", and my fave: "it's all in my mind", after which a friend of mine who was there said, "that's one of the greatest pop songs ever" and i agree.

they did two encores and left with a sped up "what you do to me" (!)

guitars: a real ('60's, not korean) epiphone casino, gibson les paul, gibson 335, fender precision bass. guitar amps were fender combos and the bass guy had a huge ampeg which sounded tremendous.

the secret to teenage fanclub's rhythm guitar sound: capo. that's where that chimey big star guitar sound comes from.

super tight harmonies -- i mean it was astounding. it was almost too much of a good thing. you needed a few nothing songs in between if you know what i mean. but i'm not complaining. the only complaint i have is the club. i hate bimbo's. it's all glitz. (they joked about the fog machine). not the best sound. and they constantly hassle you about where to stand no matter where you are. managed to say hi to francis the drummer before bimbo's security cleared the place. by the way, the crowd was - not all - but way too many - big doofus guys which, given the type of music, i didn't quite understand. and the place was too small. hopefully next time they'll play the fillmore. but no matter where they're at catch these guys if you they say in my beloved glasgow... fucckhin' (gotta capture that gutteral brogue) fantastic!" - dc
The Nomads are headed for Belgium in early September.
Now heres some news of something REALLY unmissable happening in the UK...

"Dear Boogaloo enthusiasts, and those who should be,

Please note that Phast Phreddie, the Boogaloo Omnibus will be vacationing in the lovely country of Great Britain during the coming weeks--August 12 to 29. If your vacation happens to coincide with his, you may want to note that he will be spinning his groovy records at select locations in London and Brighton while there. Below is a list of the dates, complete with websites in order for one to check the scene.

If you are not lucky enough to be vacationing in England during this time frame, perhaps you know someone who happens to live there and would be interested in attending these events--if so, please forward this message to the appropriate parties.

Perhaps you are receiving this because you are already in England. Very Groovy. In that case, you have no excuse. We will see you at one or all of these events.

Dig it:

Saturday August 13th: Phast DJ-ing at South London Pacific, in London.

Friday August 19th: Phast DJ-ing at the Dirty Water Club in London.

Saturday August 20th: Phast DJ-ing at the New Untouchables FAB party in London.

Thursday August 25: Phast DJ-ing at the Hot Funky & Sweaty dance party in London.

Saturday August 27th: Phast DJ-ing in the afternoon at the Volks Club in Brighton, at the New Untouchables' "The Classic" Brighton Weekender.

Sunday August 28th: Phast DJ-ing Raison D'Etre dance party."
Mr Spence would like to convey the following...

"Howdy Doody Pop-Pickers!

Gotta loada rockin' action goin' down in the next week or so.

THURS 11TH AUG - TRILLIANS, NEWCASTLE £? early show, doors - 7pm

THE COYOTE MEN - the original rock'n'roll wrasslin' garage punks back in the ring!
THEE EXCITERS - fuzzed-out garage punkers from Southampton, ex-Nuthins, Sires
THE GREASE MONKEYS - Glasgow's hardy perrenials crankin' up the garage punk
Thee EXCITERS webpage...

£5/£4 conc. free entry before 10.30 doors - 8 -til- 3

THEE EXCITERS (onstage midnight approx)

SAT 13TH AUG - Club Foot at NECTAR, (Cowgate opp. Bannermans) EDINBURGH

free entry (just drink loads so the bands get paid!) doors - poss 9/10 (e-mail for
more details)



MON 15TH AUG - STEREO, Kelvinhaugh St., GLASGOW £5 doors - 8.30

THE NERDS Italian destructo punk...
THE DANGERFIELDS Belfast Zeke-rawk...
CHEVY & THE CHASERS local punk rock'n'rollers

THURS 18TH AUG - 13TH NOTE CAFE, King St., GLASGOW £3 doors - 9

THE GREASE MONKEYS - one last gig before recording the next LP w/ Tim Kerr
THE NUKES - sci-fi surf rock'n'roll from Edinburgh (stripped down Nucleotides line-up)
LUMMOX - Glasgow's most antisocial! is it good badtime or bad goodtime???

...anyways, hope to see you at one of these gigs.
All the Best....................Jim"