Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ben Weasel's True Story From the Path of Enlightenment!

A new (to me) UK freebie music tabloid that's a tad reminiscent of US paper, Arthur.
THE STOOL PIGEON is available throughout the UK, consult the website for availability. If any overseas readers want a copy then I'm happy to pick it up and send it to you for just the postage.

Also, along the lines of the recent TFC cd, there's a Proclaimers cd with this Saturday's edition of The Scotsman. Enthusiasts not of this Parish should let me know if they want one by Saturday am (GMT).

RIP - Fred Smith (The Olympics) A footnote from the Rev. P. P. Patterson of Brooklyn - "The LA Times obit says he wrote "Harlem Shuffle." He did not (according to the label or BMI website), but he did co-produce it with Bob & Earl.", Eugene Record (The Chi-lites) and Mr T informed me of the passing of Al Aronowitz ("one of the first professional journalists to cover rock 'n' roll" - NY Times).
Neither of the artists referred to on the cover of his book fill me with much in the way of excitement but both of inspired many of the folks that fuel the music we thrive upon.