Monday, August 01, 2005


29th October - Tokyo - Shimokitazawa MOSAIC
31st October - Saitama - Ohmiya HEARTS (Halloween party)
2nd November - Aichi - Nagoya SONSET STRIP
3rd November - Osaka - Fukushima LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE
4th November - Ishikawa - Kanazawa VAN VAN V4
5th November - Tokyo - Kichijoji PLANET K

(Thanks to Jonathan for the info)

It was something of an honour to be asked to do a liner note for the Asian Man re-issue of Screeching Weasel's "Wiggle" album. I sometimes see some numbnut swipes at the band whereupon someone who patently doesn't get them writes 'em off as poppy punk. This practice irritates me but what can you do? So anyway, referring back to the original version of the album to prepare the rant - it sounded pretty good to me but Mass (Giorgini) has really opened up a can of whup-ass on the new version. It underlines everything about the fact that this combo mean way more to me than The Clash. The songs are brilliant, they crunch and fuelled the final push of punk rock toward the overground. So, in it's reconstituted form - all the things that you maybe had to work to hear within the maelstrom are tweaked and erect. It also has "Fuck The World". An anthem for a new generation.

The album "Anthem For A New Generation" just keeps those short, sharp shocks of joy comin'. If the Weasel had played the game and kow-towed then they woulda been ginormous. I mean they were pretty bloody big without any hype or bullshit but it's scary to consider the heights that they should be scaling. Ben Weasel is responsible for some of the best Ramones songs the Ramones never wrote and the guitars on all Weasel produce just shred. The harmonics are spine-tingling.

"How To Make Enemies And Irritate People" documents the period that Mike Dirnt of Green Day weighed in. It's a juggernaut that includes a shoulda been all over the charts version of Josie Cotton's "Johnny Are You Queer". Given their penchant for Ramonic titles was this a bit of fun being poked at Mr Cummings. I have to admit that crossed my mind but I also know that Ben held John(ny) in very high esteem so maybe not. I wish they'd got him in to write the material for their latter albums, I know that. It would have been really something to hear Joey sing "Surf Goddess" co-written with Joe King of The Queers. I can't believe this was recorded 11 bloody years ago.

"Kill The Musicians" is an odds and sods type collection of material from every stage of the Weasel phenomenon. It reflects the breadth of the band's capabilities and how the conflicts just made them stronger. Next up is a collection of the Fat Wreck years and also an Asian Man version of The Riverdales albums but before that, why don't you take up this offer... "SCREECHING WEASEL "BOX SET" DEAL -- 6 CDS FOR $40! In honor of the SCREECHING WEASEL reissues, we are offering you an amazing deal for all 6 CDS for $40 plus a collectable Screeching Weasel poster SIGNED BY THE BAND! You'll get a copy of "Boogadaboogadaboogada," "My Brain Hurts," "Wiggle," "Anthem for A New Tomorrow," "How to Make Enemies and Irritate People," and "Kill The Musicians" We sold out of the first 25, but luckily we just got another 50 posters! Once they're gone they're gone, so CALL NOW (408)395-0662."

So, if you never heard them, or never gave 'em a chance because you figured they were some kinda Maximum Rock'n'Roll spawned bollocks - then you need to reconsider. Screeching Weasel were way more than just a cool logo.