Sunday, July 31, 2005

Stuart McHugh of Is This Music has the following shows organised, the first three in the Home of The Skids - Dunfermline. The Carnegie Hall is a great venue and should be supported!

Wednesday, August 25th

Saint Jude's Infirmary, Indafusion and Taylor Kane, Dunfermline Carnegie Hall

Thursday, August 26th

Malcolm Middleton/ My Latest Novel/ Flying Matchstick Men with compere Jim Gellatly, Dunfermline Carnegie Hall

Friday, August 27th

James Yorkston and the Athletes/ King Biscuit Time, compered by Vic Galloway, Dunfermline Carnegie Hall

Wednesday August 31st

Flying Matchstick Men, The Aphrodisiacs, Satellite Dub and Calvin, @ The Universal Bar, Glasgow, Sauchiehall Lane. (Part of the MusicWorks conference)
Somewhat alarmed at the fact that tomorrow is August 1st and that the weekend has gone up in smoke again. Achievement in relation to time, even to the extent of replying to e-mail is taking a downward slide. There are realities to attend to that suck whatever green is around for no tangible return but we're all in that boat.

I've had a few senior moments this week. Those where you can't remember names and events the way you used to. Now that might be down to diet but it's more likely to be the onslaught of age. The rapid stepping up of that precious commodity called time. I know, I've harped on about it before but it seems to me that we're trapped doing stuff that is simply no fun as the sands trickle into the lower portion of the hourglass. That said it was good to catch up with Laura and some other folks this week. It could be said that I just need to chill out and let the pieces fall into place but anybody with any experience of being around me will know that homey can't play that logic.

One other plus this past week, was to be able to check out the "work in progress" that will be The Star Spangles "Rite Over Rooftops". The follow up to "Bazooka" has all the hallmarks that today's pop kids could use in their lives if they only just knew it. But how to treat the attention deficit disorder that stands between the band and their prospective audience? Wish I bleedin' knew...

August is shaping up to be a busy time so that's something. Several high profile visitors and a Film Festival will divert what's left of my mind from the numbnuts that I have to tholl in order to eat. Another project is to try and get my turntable sorted out or a replacement because there's a bunch of vinyl here that requires attending to. The remainder of Sunday awaits as do the chores. Catch you on yonder flipside...