Friday, July 29, 2005

Not sure how things are on your end, but over here the festival season is in full swing. I have no idea how many of these things are on this summer, but it seems that even the tiniest dot on the map has it's own fest these days. God knows why people still bother; either you're up to your knees in mud or you get burned alive in the sun. And lets not forget the (overpriced) stale beer, hamburger stench, waiting in line just to take a pee, ugly tattoos, ugly hairdos and ugly people ("non-conformist, just like everybody else"). That, and the wind blowing off the sound of your favorite band in just the opposite direction of where you're standing. Gimme a small place that has trouble gettin' a crowd that numbers above three figures any day.

Some very entertaining MASH-UP action for those who get a kick outta such things.

Just tonight I heard Suicide's "Dream Baby Dream" being used on a trailer for a show called "So You Want To Be A Property Developer". Me no comprendé, neither.

The hastily-arranged Laura Cantrell Fopp instore rounded up a fair turn-out who were treated to the first appearance in Glasgow of Dave Schramm and Steve Goulding.

The short seven-song showcase featured "14th Street", "California Rose", "Letters", "All The Same To You", "Two Seconds", "Wishful Thinking" and "Old Downtown". After that Laura had to scoot up to the BBC to complete the BBC Radio Thrift Shop programmes which start going out a week from today at 8.05pm until 10pm on Fridays. The "Listen Again" facility will of course be available for a week following each broadcast.