Monday, July 25, 2005

Managed to stay away from this thing for much of yesterday... and am just running outta the door but here's another coupla albums for your consideration...

THE GROOVERS “Undergroove” on Blood Red is a lithe 13 song proto-garage with 50’s echo treat. Like a fractured Pink Slip Daddy, the opening salvo “Okay Boys!” is a co-write with Ben Vaughn. They’ve captured that twang that separates the wheat from the chaff and tempered it with just enough noise to deliver a thumping torrent. As if The Scientists were jamming with The Fleshtones. These French guys know their onions alright, the “wild saxophone”, er, break on “G/C’mon” is utterly unexpected and all of a sudden we’re in some kinda twisted “Funhouse” situation. There are many strings to The Groovers bow and this is a world class set of songs. The accent of the vocals gives it an exotic quality and recalls the pleasure of hearing a group like The Dogs way back two of those decade things ago. “I’ve Never Realised” has that “What Goes On” shuffle to it. Intense and locked into what else but an ultimate groove. Ploughing a furrow straight in the middle of what’s left of that mind of yours.

Back In Spades is a curious name. Back from where exactly? I know the connotation but it seems like an odd name for this young Detroit combo. At the time of recording, the band included one Jackson Smith. You’ll be familiar with his old fella, one Frederick Sonic Smith? Anyway, Savage Beat in Australia has seen fit to to release this 8 song beastie. That continent has long enjoyed a spiritual and sonic bond with the Motor City. “The Time is Now”, not to be confused with the Moloko hit, would suggest that young J has inherited his dad’s guitarslinging gene. He doesn’t just have the style, he’s adapted it to fit the confines of a 21st Century barrage. There’s a run through of “City Slang” just to reinforce the connection with the ol’ Motor City. B.I.S have a Stonesy feel welded onto a solid chassis and they’re also not afraid to let their Ace Frehley flag fly and you gotta applaud that. There won’t be many an NBT visior that doesn’t flash a big grin across their coupon when they whap this in the tray. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that Jackson has flown the coop. The powerstance nature of the cover art suggests they’ll take it in their stride.