Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's in times like these that we need to remember that we (maybe) shouldn't take anything for granted. Take a load off with this soothing poster art!
Hey, this is a shout out to all our London crew, you guys all OK and not involved in the carnage that's unfolding I hope...?

Update at 9.10pm - Well no news is good news and the G8 disruption hereabouts is, it seems, winding down. This morning I drove past at least 100 riot police in full regalia surrounding the "Eco-Village" that was set up by protesters. They kinda pished on their chips yesterday morning when some of their number, or maybe infiltrators, trashed Burger King and a few other stores down there. Who could have known that maybe an hour later, London would be the scene of a long expected attack?

And the TV and Radio has been reporting ala 9/11 all day long. Speculation and "credit" for the atrocity citing possible suicide bombing, the usual suspects but the worst aspect is that there was no warning, no nothing. It could have been anybody, the frontiers are all blurred, me personally? I don't believe bloody anything anymore. We're numb to the expression "terrorist attack" and lets face it - so far - the UK hasn't suffered as many fatalities as Spain or The USA. Of course, that's no solace. Driving past those guys in the riot gear this morning was surreal. Like some kinda virtual reality. Certainly an alien landscape for these here parts.
R.I.P. Big Al Downing.
Trashy Ashell sent this info to the Staysick board and it seemed like you'd want to know...

"Well this friday you can see a screening of "Rock 'n Roll High School" in the cemetery where Dee Dee is buried and Johnny has his big statue!


The Hollywood Cemetery has once again started regular movie screenings - On July 8th, they'll feature "Rock 'N' Roll High School" at the site of Johnny's
monument! The flick will be introduced by its director ALAN ARKUSH, hosted by LINDA RAMONE, with guest speakers P. J. SOLES, CLINT HOWARD, MARY WORONOV, MARKY RAMONE, DEY YOUNG, VINCENT GALLO, LARS FREDERICKSON, ROB ZOMBIE, and MICKEY LEIGH.

There will be a minimum donation required, and all proceeds will be split between Prostate and Lymphoma Research."