Wednesday, July 06, 2005

THE ATOMIC SWINDLERS "Coming Out Electric" harks back to the days of glam and packs a hefty power pop punch. As 21st Century combo's go, this one is a multi-faceted package that actually projects. Like Transvision Vamp Vs. The Spiders From Mars. An act that savours the art of performance and music not one or the other.
Aloha from Fortress Scotland. Centre stage for the world's media and scene of a massive overtime boost for the UK's Police. Did you see the "ugly scenes" from Edinburgh on Monday? Well anyway, three more days and it's all over. The massive waste of money that's put us on the map. Mr Percival is heading for the city's Alt G8 shindig tonight where The Rezillos will inject some much needed rock action to the landscape. He'll report in due course.

Meanwhile it's all kicking off, the roads between here and the stalag are closed according to road reports. It's also pissing rain.

Update - 6.37pm: Well, the hope that the radio reports brought was shortlived. I made it to work in double quick time. There was serious disruption for traffic headed the other way but there was a surreal calm as I was the only car going past a retail park that had been trashed just an hour before. Listening to reports and looking at information on the web would have suggested that tonight's journey home would be a tad fraught. Nope. Again a couple of logistical changes and I was back on home turf a good 10 minutes earlier than normal. The moral of this story is - if I'd taken the advice of the "meeja", I would have stayed home today. Even in the thick of something you can't trust what you see, hear or read.

Wee Georro and his chums are now holed up in Gleneagles. They made it and I'm not sure they and theirs give a rat's ass about the waste they've incurred or the injustice they continue to reign over. Jacques Chirac has put the boot into Scotland's national dish and that wee Texan galoot has said he won't touch it. Let's hope somebody in the kitchen puts something unspeakable in their food and they end up with a dose of "scottish tummy".

The events in Scotland today were somewhat overshadowed today when the news of London hosting the Olympics in 2012 broke. Anybody could have bulldozed and tarmac'ed this whole northern plot of land to make a big car park to service the huge audience this will bring to the UK. I sincerely hope to have emigrated by then.