Monday, July 04, 2005

Out soon: UGLY THINGS - ISSUE #23 "featuring a huge cover story on those 60s punk R&B savages the BELFAST GYPSIES, aka the 'OTHER THEM'. Also the continuation of the epic saga of the MISUNDERSTOOD along with feature stories on New England rock'n'rollers MIKE & THE RAVENS, garage maniacs MOTT's MEN, Ken Kesey's MERRY PRANKSTERS, and the CHECKMATES from Singapore. Exclusive interviews with 60s Brum beat heroes MIKE SHERIDAN & RICK PRICE, French beat icon RONNIE BIRD and a previously unpublished conversation with the late KEITH RELF. Plus dig the Sacramento's 60s punk scene, Argentinian beat chicks LAS MOSQUITAS, CHUBBY CHECKER's lost psychedelic album, Swiss beat mayhem with the DYNAMITES and LES SAUTERELLES, a tribute to Charlie Crane (CRYIN' SHAMES, GARY WALKER & THE RAIN), a Phil Milstein essay on NERVOUS NORVOUS and the afterlife of the one hit wonder. Plus a gigantic review section"
Somebody left a comment that suggested that I stick with what I know. Well if I do that then I might as well down tools right now because the jury is out on what I know. I can’t legislate for Jeroen or Steve but as far as I’m concerned you may well read about anything here. It reminded me of an accusation that was made in the good ol’ days of print that went along the lines that the stuff covered in the mag was there for effect. To celebrate some kind of smartass elitist sensory gratification. I’d like to think this thing is pretty open ended. But hey, I cured an addiction. The complainant will have more time on their hands now. That’s positive, right?

To paraphrase Mark P, if you don’t like or agree with what you read here or anywhere then start your own soapbox. Take the initiative and potentially bore the arse out of prospective readers like I do. I thought the Live 8 populist commentary was a bit more valid than my rather introspective posts about the trials and trib’s of life’s coal face but what can I tell ya?

It’s been (slightly) controversh. Some people liked it, some didn’t. Ain’t that the proverbial revelation. I’m still reeling at thinking that Pink Floyd were good and not just in the context of the event. Am I being punished?