Saturday, July 02, 2005

RIP - "Obie" Benson

Take a look at this SUBWAY MAP

And don't forget these West Coast USA shows this coming week...

July 6 - Cafe Du Nord, 2170 market Street, San Francisco, CA. Tel: 415 861 5016

July 8 - KCRW'S Morning Becomes Eclectic, Live Radio Appearance, Santa Monica, CA
KCRW 89.9 FM,, 11:15 a.m. PT

July 9 - KCRW presents McCabe's Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Blvd. Santa Monica, CA Tel: 310 828 8037

July 11 - Easy Street Records, 20 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA. In Store Performance 6:00 p.m.

July 12 - Triple Door, 216 Union Street, Seattle, WA. Tel: 206 838 4328
I googled the name Bob Lefsetz after reading something by him that was posted on The Star Spangles board and subsequently signed up for his newsletter. If you appreciate the minutae of a very opinionated rant on the state of the so-called music biz circa 2005 and many stations before then maybe you should too. Spirited, as far away from info-torial as you could possibly get.
Murray has a message for you if you're in Edinburgh next weekend...

Howdy folks,

Sunday the 10th of July (not this Sunday, but the next) is the final Full Moon Club at Bannermans and probably the last chance to see Shock and Awe for a while (unless you fancy a trip to Falkirk)

I dont know what time we'll be playing (sometime between 6pm and midnight - more details next week hopefully), but theres some other quality acts playing (including Paul Research from the Scars, Arturo Bassick from the Lurkers and ex-Rezillo, William Mysterious and many many more - see below) so it should be a good night

Totally free to get in and we'll have some cd singles to give away (a taster for the forthcoming album with real live drums which we're mixing at the moment, let me ken if you can think of a good title)

Bound to be busy as we've been receiving heavy airplay on Radio Leith (aye, I couldnae get any reception either) and the Watt from Pedro show in California where Mike Watt (Bass player for the Minutemen / fIREHOSE / Iggy and the Stooges) has been playing us (you can get it over the internet, so I did hear it)

More details here

Further info on the Bannermans show...

'Allo Kiddies,

Just letting you know about the final Full Moon Music Club.

Usually we have it on the first Thursday of the month, but everyone wants to play the ultimate one, so we switched it to the following Sunday, the 10th of July.
It's also a much earlier start, as there are so many acts to get through. We're keeping the running order secret so that people come along and see everything, not just their pet faves, but we are pleased and proud to present ex-Scars guitarist Paul Research performing his multi-media show, Arfur from the Blubbery Hellbellies giving us a country-tinged set (though some of you will be more familiar with some of his other bands, like 999 & The Lurkers) and William Mysterious among many others.

Regulars like Electra, Norman Lamont & The Innocents, Zen Transmission and The City will all put in sets, as will newer acts Etrangere, Tam Lin, and our favourite punksters Shock & Awe. The mighty Z/28 will be burning up the joint with their hi-octane-nitro-injected punkahootenanny, and local hero Lee Patterson will no doubt be beating hell out of a mic stand with a pair of sticks. All this, as well as poetry from Gaz Death, Frank, and Audrey Witherspoon, not to mention the surprise guests, and you can see why we're starting at 6p.m.!

So, that's Sunday 10th July, Bannermans, 6 til late, free, what more can you ask?
What? a free c.d. too? Oh, all right then! See y'all down there!

Cheers, Fritz