Monday, June 27, 2005

The wait is over folks! This Reigning Sound release has been in the works for some time now but I'm here to tell'ya, it was worth the wait and it'll be hitting the streets in July! The bulk of this fine disc consists of outtakes and alternates from last years "Too Much Guitar" album on IN THE RED. You'll notice a few songs titles that you're already familiar with. But before you start thinking these might not vary much from the versions you've heard, THINK AGAIN!!!! These arrangements are lush and moody, simmering at medium heat with deadly amounts of country soul! I think some of these versions are even better than the ones we already knew. So drastically different that you might not even recognize them at first, thinking you've discovered you're newest favorite Reigning Sound tune! Besides the two alternates there are 4 unreleased tracks from this session as well. All top shelf Greg Cartwright originals. Including the track that kicks off side A of the LP, "Find Me Now". This song's fantastic Byrds meets Big Star vibe will leave you wondering why it was only played by the band for about a month in their live sets before disappearing...until now. The albums title says it all. These are songs that were forgotten or misplaced and have finally found a home. Two songs from the bands first 45 are also here, for the first time on CD. Their version of "The Collector" comes from a very nice soundboard recording of the band live. This show was the only time this particular little nugget was ever performed live by the band. Writtin by the great Sonny Curtis. The other real oddity on the album is an alternate version of the A Side to the bands Christmas single from last year.You need this record. Your record store needs this record! -Bobby Century
Lenny Kaye recounted The Story of Nuggets in the second hour of Shake Some Action on BBC London last Saturday night. You can access an archived copy of the show (7 days only) by clicking on the above link.