Sunday, June 26, 2005

And what about this fantoosh new blogger feature? It allows yer to position graphics, albeit woodenly, in relation to the text. Not bad. It should be a boon for review type purposes and there are plenty of those coming up but probably not today.

I've been procrastinating with regard to garden duties and being that it hasn't pissed down for at least two days, I'm duty bound to go mow the lawn and execute the weeds that are squatting in the drive. This will facilitate the intake of "fresh air" and get my arse out of the house for a few hours. I'm not what you could call a keen gardener. I'm neither "keen" nor "a gardener" when it comes right down to it but one has to keep the 'hood tidy so that's just what I'm 'bout to do. It's unlikely that I'll be back on this contraption afore the morning. By the time I'm done, there'll be more Glasto to consume and grind my teeth to. This will be fueled by the inevitable dark clouds of the Monday schlepp to the stalag but who knows, there could be a bizarre gardening accident with my name on it lurking in the shed. So, on that positive note...

Ben sent me this link to the ALICE BAG site the other day and I just got around to checking it out. Like he says, "a wealth of history" awaits... as does all the poop on what she and her crew are up to here in '05.

Also, talking 'bout history... check out this Marty Thau interview.
Been meaning to provide a link to this DAVID LYNCH info site for a while. They've got their finger on the pulse and they update regularly. Seems like there's an ANGELO BADALAMENTI site to become active soon too.

The Boonaraaas are about to embark on recording the follow up to GO GET GOO GOO. So labels, get your cheque books ready. Thanks to Tine for this photo of Trish and her (just visible in the background) from the recent Berlin show they did with Stereo Total.

In these times of the bite-sized attention span, a 7" red vinyl 33 (not 45) by a Canadian duo by the name of Fuck Y'all is enjoying heavy rotation around these parts. The contemptorary ramshackle racket these two girls make is nothing short of total entertainment. Four punk rockin' songs under the banner of "Dumb It Down" and leading off with their theme song which goes "Fuck You, Fuck Me, Fuck Her, Fuck Him, Fuck Y'all". Sheer potty mouthed poetry and no Parental Guidance logo on the cover. That's the ticket. The other three cuts are "I Wanna Dog", "Beaver Fever" and "I Don't Wanna Beg". The duo are Paula (Tiberius) and Tina (Cooper) and they're based in Toronto. FYA perform material that their other groups, Sticky Rice (Paula) and The Freckles (Tina) aren't down with. These lassies were also behind the film GOLDIROCKS which I believe will be available on dvd soon with pots of extras. Prospective members of the Fuck Y'all Army can also score a T-shirt to pledge allegience to the cause. The EP is $10 (canadian) to Europe. Shirts are (I think) $15. Contact the girls at and encourage their enterprise.

Andre Williams, zZz, Devil Dolls, Black Lips and more. Sunday, September 11th at the Patronaat in Haarlem.

Release date for the new Dictators live disc is July 12...