Wednesday, June 08, 2005

This coming Friday, June 10th ... 8:30pm - 3:00am

There’s a lot of indie kids out there who thought it was something new and exciting when the Detroit garage scene exploded - no bandwagon jumpers, Goldblade anticipated that sound years earlier. Their soul-flecked rhythm’n’blues überdelic rock’n’roll may near enough be matched by their US counterparts but you won’t see a more inspiring and enlivening show from any of those. No one else delivers the testifying rock’n’roll gospel like John Robb – his restless spirit courses through the urgency of their glam-drenched strut, giving you a sense that every moment of your life should be an all-or-nothing, doing it to the utmost, that rock’n’roll can be your salvation, your reason for living. He’s a rock’n’roll Billy Graham, bug-eyed and wild on adrenalin – you will have no choice but to howl out your devotion to his band. A shamelessly fundamental collision of The Ramones, James Brown, The Stooges, backed by the tribal thump of two drummers, the song with which they open their set !
says it all: "Do You Believe in the Power of Rock’n’Roll?"

Though being sharp and well-defined, this band is not about concept – it’s about good songs, the kind that remain hard to find. The songs in question are a fabulous blend of sixties soul and seventies punk – a unique blend of sweet melodies wrapped in loud, edgy guitars, songs that are direct and warm as any real pop anthem should be and yet also complicated and angry as the soul of a true teen rebel. In the couple of years since this power trio formed they have gained a devoted local crowd around the Tel Aviv area, with Time Out Tel Aviv calling them "the most kicking band in rock’n’roll". Following their debut single in the spring of 2004 the band signed a publishing deal with the Israeli branch of EMI and put out their second release. Now it’s time for Israel’s most happening band to head for the UK!

"Fancy some female-fronted dirty rock and roll with perfect pop choruses? That's the MO of this Sheffield band. Think the Pixies fronted by an uber-cool rock chick rather than a bald lardo..." says NME. Lurching, rhino-fart basslines, spiralling, bitten off guitars reminiscent of the Pixies/Breeders with effectively sneery vocals, Dangerlust are menacing, knowing and snide in equal measures, awesome riffage and fun solos , they show a honed sensibility for what it takes to get a club full of kids leaping around! As a Leeds Music Scene said about them: "Sleazy, filthy rock and roll. Just slap it in your CD player, sit back and nod your head in admiration 7/10" Meanwhile, the Sheffield Star says, "Personality, an appetite for riffs and a welcome dollop of scuzz." And we say you can't go wrong with a bit of scuzz!

It was but a year ago that The General left the forces in disgust and assembled an elite fighting unit: on lead vocals and Fender Telecaster, Wing Commander Tommy Mack; on vocals and bass, Lance Bombardier Kat Stevens; on vocals and drums, Grenadier Dan McKennan. Their Mission: Clad in razor-sharp matching uniforms, to rendezvous at the barracks in London's fashionable East End and prime their primitive yet deadly weaponry for a sonic assault of their elusive leader's design – jagged Beefheart meets Buzzcocks bubblegum hooks, detonated with the breakneck speed and free-wheeling energy of the music the kids call 'hardcore', a manic swingpunk two-step and the raw guitars of that which they call 'garage-rock’. With a debut single out this summer on 1234 Records, and the majors sniffing around their sweaty hides like so many rabid hounds, General Khaki are on a mission to bring the brains and the beauty, the fun and the fury back to the fore, to put a dip in your hip and a glide!
in your stride - everything all together, everything all at once!