Saturday, June 04, 2005

Latest news from Slugrock central:
We are pleased to announce that Mikey "Offender" Donaldson will be rocking with
Amsterdam's unstoppable stalwarts the Nitwitz soon. Mikey played with legendary Austin, TX hardcore heavy hitters such as the Offenders, D.R.I., M.D.C., and Sister Double Happiness. Adding these credentials to the illustrious pasts of the other members (B.G.K., Loveslug, No Pigs, to name but a few) the Nitwitz are now packed to the hilt with bona fide trailblazing old school hardcore legend goodness AS WELL AS unbound talent! Better recognize, crackas. Cause it's about time all you biscuit-headed bozos stopped greeting the Nitwitz with screaming indifference, and got wise to the bowel-bursting Hurricane Power of Slugrock Riff-o-rama instead of jerking off over your Offenders/B.G.K.bootlegs and paying 200 bucks for old releases on Ebay. That's right : get your gelatinous, nostalgic, pringle eating retro-hardcore posterior off that sofa, and pick up the new Nitwitz CD "Sex Lies and Duct Tape" on Rocketdog Records from Clear Spot distribution.
Check the webpage to see what's up with live shows and freeload some mp3's while you're at it"

Check THIS Out!...

THE BEATSTALKERS - "Scotland's No. 1 Beat Group" is a collection of their 7 singles featuring the A + B sides plus two other cuts "Ramble On" and "St Louis Blues". The cd has been exquisitely curated to bring together this long lost material with a booklet containing plenty of great clippings and liner notes by Beatmeister, Lenny Helsing of The Thanes.

STRAMASH! blared the Evening Times, reporting the 'stalkermania that ensued at an innocent "boutique" opening. 2 of these 14 songs were written by one D. Bowie and to my knowledge have fallen off the face of the earth until now so maybe the more rabid of his fans are about to encounter some real music for the first time in a dogs age when they discover this.

Assembled by Alan Mair, the sound is great - particularly when cranked up. I would imagine that this is gonna create quite the stushy when the global beat fraternity get their paws on it. A vinyl edition would be something else entirely. I think the band would probably be up for some Cavestomp, Wild Weekend, Las Vegas Grind, Rotterdam Rumble type action when the blue touch paper is lit, meanwhile you can snag a copy this very instant by clicking HERE!

Ben Vaughn's DESIGNS IN MUSIC will be his first domestic (US) release in 8 years. I'll let you ponder the criminal nature of that fact while you test drive the wee mp3 samples and duly place your order thanks to the wonders of Paypal. More about the album when I get my hands on the whole entchilada...