Sunday, May 29, 2005

Yep, the new Norton's have arrived! and suffice to say it's yet another batch of top notch material. Best of the bunch must be 'Shake It Up And Move', the vinyl edition of Ace's 'Gene Vincent Cut Our Songs' focusing on the writing talents of Jack Rhodes. This includes fantastic early versions of 'Five Days, Five Days', 'Action Packed' and 'Red Blue Jeans And A Pony Tail'. All are previously unreleased bar Elroy Dietzel's Rock-N-Bones. Easily the biggest rockabilly archive "find" in years. And speakin' of "finds"; the third volume in the 'Kicksville!' series once again rounds up a solid set of rockabilly acetates, this time including previously unrealesed material by Benny Joy and Danny Dell, and just feast your ears on the first ever demo recordings by future surf legend Gary Usher and hit maker Ral Donner! The vinyl edition of Ron Haydock's '99 Chicks' is a bit of a let-down, leaving off 12 tracks from the CD and, almost as important, the massive liner-notes, which are and essential part of Norton's releases (and especially in this case!). Faith is restored with 'Wildcat Jamboree!', a fine, fine CD of rockabilly/country radio broadcasts as originally heard in Mississippi during the late fifties. This is truly amazing stuff, and possibly the closest we will ever come to real time-travel (Dig the furniture ads!). Liners by Jim Cole, Eddie Bond, Hayden Thompson and Billy Miller, this is an absolute must-have, no two ways... On the 45 front there's an excellent two-sider by the late "Jimmy Lee" Fautheree (backed by Deke Dickerson & the Ecco-Fonics), the cool "Jungle Stomp' by Northwest rock n’ rollers Johnny Clark & the Four Playboys and finally 'Party Date!', a four-track EP of ultra-cool Texas' rock & roll, featuring (ao) Vince Murphy & the Catalinas, who's story was first told way-back-when in Kicks #6.
The Dictators website is updated with new dates for the DKT/MC5 (again with HDM) and photos of Andy and others from the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

If you dig both on-line archives and (early) reggae Dance Crasher is a nice place to while away an hour or so. Scrapbook, charts, releaselists, labelshots and soundsamples, it's all there...
Now Wave magazine has a new, short but interesting piece on DMZ.
On the same day as France goes to the polls to consign the European Constitutional Treaty to the dumper (by all accounts), the Crazy Frog that's been terrorising the ad breaks is poised to become this nation's number one single. Outselling Coldplay by four to one (allegedly), the CGI amphibian has been all over the news since “his” cdingle hit the shops last Monday. The first time I saw the little twerp was when I was in Kassel last September. It had saturation coverage on German MTV and was brainwashing the kids even then. A full blown phenomenon awaited milking… stick that in your ECT and smoke it. It’ll all be over soon and even if it isn’t, this latest Blur vs O*sis type conned-sumer battle will be history soon enough. The wee blighter has more charisma than both of them Gallacher twallies combined. In my opinion...

The well intentioned spectre of Live Aid II is on the horizon and the world will reverberate to the “Make Poverty History” brand around the time that the G8 summit meets just up the road from here. Scotland will be shut over those few days, it looks like the “authorities” have something of a lockdown planned. If you even think about heading in the direction of Gleneagles then they’ll tune in to those thoughtwaves and come cattle prod your ass. Meanwhile, anybody who actually attempts to protest in the proper spirit will be outnumbered by government potted plants, pre-programmed to make sure it goes skew wiff in the name of some bozo idea of order. Hopefully some vestage of reason will out and deliver some degree of salvation amidst the general ballyhoo but I ain’t holding my breath. Most of us don’t care for having Wee Georro in our airspace, likewise his peehee-ridden talking shop which is poised to deliver exactly not very muckle tangible in the way of aid to those who need action rather than a bunch of over-oiled tossers giving it fleeting consideration between soirees.

But what can we do, except wait and see how the pieces fall. Maybe Humpty can be put together again? Let's bob and weave accordingly until our id cards are ready...
I’m not really sure why I use this to vent my day to day pish. It’s a form of denial I suppose. Such havering is not designed to garner sympathy in any “all the apples fell on me” scenario that’s for sure. There’s always someone worse off than one’s self and my inability to be able to deal with changing my circumstances is a problem only one drongo can ultimately solve. I’m not sure where all the taking stock actually kicks in to facilitate actual change. I set out for the ol' life laundry but have never, so far, made it to my destination. Life is too short to suffer fools though, gladly or otherwise. Maybe I use this conduit because it seems like I’m observing all of this happening to a character in some half-assed, wanna-be drama? With the season finale nowhere in sight, maybe it’s time to consider cancellation as an option?

Taking that broadcast analogy, good to hear that the planned 48 hour strike by the BBC this coming Tuesday has been postponed. Tom Morton’s blog has a far better angle on what’s going down around there than I’m qualified to muster. I stand by my comments about my dealings with the organisation in Scotland. The Beeb doesn’t have the monopoly on “dead wood”, every workplace has its share of that particular malignancy. A leaner operation will only thrive if it’s the chaff that gets the chop and thereby hangs a tale. Particularly if it's the chaff that's doing the scoring.

Anyways enough of that, if you're in the locales of Madrid or Valencia...

the reanimated coyotemen are all set to beat up the kids from spain next week. hawkin' their new - reduced to clear - rekkid "from parts unknown" at these spit 'n' sawdust salas...

sala sirocco:madrid:3rd june(w/ king kahn) NOT THE 2ND!as it says on the poster!

sala mogambo:valencia:4th june

'n' the masked masters of moronophonic muck have just snagged the headline slot at the 1st night of the rotterdam rumble on the 1st of september.

Angel Corpus Christi

LOUIE LOUIE (Gulcher 601)

12 songs by for and about Lou Reed

1. Louie Louie
2. Caroline Says II
3. Tell It To Your Heart
4. She's My Best Friend
5. Disco Mystic
6. Banging On My Drum
7. I Want To Boogie With You/Je T'aime
8. Lou Reed's Hair
9. Femme Fatale
10. Rock And Roll Heart
11. The Day John Kennedy Died
12. I'm Set Free

Performed by angel corpus christi and Rich Stim, with Dean Wareham, Britta Phillips, Sonic Boom, George Earth, Matt Price, Don Ciccone and Luther Blue.

Produced by Dave Nelson, A&R and Sonic Boom.

Play a track!! Purchase the CD!!

Available now, direct from Gulcher or from Volcanic Tongue in Europe.

The latest from acc is the culmination of many moons spent fashioning just the right angle on Mr Reeds work. Some of these are radical reworks and others are simple, perfect renditions of his hymnal. The material is both a tribute and a good boot up the jacksy to rock'n'roll's seemingly grumpiest exponent. The work is bathed in good vibes and that patented accordian swing is in full 'phonic force. Discophonic mysticism delivered as only this San Francisco based lass can bring it on down.

Patrick B would like to introduce you to SUPERHELICOPTER

Who are Superhelicopter? They’re the best German group (from Oldenburg, near Bremen) since Trio (Da Da Da) and one of the best garage/power punk groups (I mean the kind of music that The Oblivians, The Reatards (Memphis)and Fatals (France) play.

Their new LP “Sweet, Nice & Happy…In Hell” is just out on P-Trash Records as a vinyl only, limited edition of 500. The first 100 come with a free one-sided single (with 2 songs that were supposed to feature on crap label PK-Musik).

The album begins with one hit. By the way, the song is called "One Hit", and very catchy it is too. "I Wanna Feel Alright", sings Nils, probably his 1st positive song (I mean like the Ramones singing “Now, I Wanna Sniff Some Glue”, after a load of “I Don’t Wanna…” songs). I mentioned The Ramones because I think their fans would like this (listen to "Gay Generation").

The tunes have been written by a proclaimed non musician - Nils writes and plays with his heart, straight from his gut, this guy has too much soul. The 2 other ‘copters, Mr Brettsneider on bass and Guido Müller on drums perfectly complete the package, heck, they even read music!

Nils finally managed to complete the final mix.

Patrick : Was that a good experience for a non musician like you or was it boring?
Nils : It's always a pleasure to be in the studio and in particular to work with the "tonemeister". So it was a special experience and this time not so much effort as before. The result makes me awfully satisfied.

Compared to the previous LP (a split LP with Eradicate), "Sweet, Nice & Happy.. In Hell" features various tempos.

This album also features 2 extra members : Helena, Nils 10 year old daughter and Ruth, both on organ.

P : As a father, are you proud to have your little daughter Helena playing organ on your LP ?
N : Yes, i am very happy about! it's going so easy with Helena. she had a few years keyboard lessons and it's time to open up her new doors for good music and of course nice people. She didn't play so much on this record, Ruth did most of the organ stuff did Ruth. Anyway, for her it was a nice experience and she wants more...and she'll get it. Thinking about to let her do something play or shout or whatever on the new "Damnation Kids" album. so we'll see what's gonna happen.. .. (Damnation Kids is Nils one man band, whose 1st single "The Fucker" was voted best single from 2002 on punk rock web sites).

P : There's a big gap between the previous LP and this new one. How can you explain that, for such a prolific guy? Do you have the songs in mind since a long time of were they mostly made in the studio? Why isn't "Jenesaispasquefair" correctly spelled, don't you have any french friends?

N : Am I profilic? There’s never enough money to release our stuff so we gotta wait for offers. It needed a bit time to release the new album on p-trash-records. Many thanks to peter trash!!! The songs, or at least the basic ideas, are spinning long before in my head. I worked for something like 10 months on this record.. ..”jenesaispasquefair”? such a fucker as i am, don't have friends in general! and i am to dump on the French language and was too lazy to look it up in a older mail from you, so I went with this.

P : What groups would you recommend ? Don't you think that the Fatals are the French SH? Do you know the Sonic Chicken 4 (from Perpignan)?

N :The Fatals were my faves of the last year. When I received the first 7' of them and went crazy! what a sound, what energy! it was the first time that I was thinking/wishing it could/should be superhelicopter. A special feeling I never had before, so the best band from the last year. and i don't know the "sonic chicken 4 " (author : in fact the Beach Bitches disbanded and became Sonic Chicken 4 and Kung Fu Escalator, later to be Fatals) and to recommand i have: "american death ray" (my favourites for the moment), "Cooterfinger" (James Richard Oliver new band) I like very much (music for biker-punks or so), the Shakin’ Nasties (finest snotty punksters), old soul, soul, soul and of course a lottsa old(er) stuff like the Oblivians, Reatards, 70's punk, old school hardcore and ac/dc.. ..

P : Do you prefer Superhelicopter or the Damnation Kids ?
N : can't decide that. in a way its both the same, punk. isn't it?

P : What if I tell you that you're the best German group since Trio?
N : yeah, I like this statement, but I guess there're not so many things to compare to Trio? Dunno, but with this new album we are the finest rock band of the year. hahaha, thanks for askin' me so many funny things, great pleasure.

Apart from. Superhelicopter and the Damnation Kids, one of others Nils groups are the Spamchords (1 single on Yakisakana French label) Superhelicopter complete discography