Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Boonaraaas Summer will be had by all in the locales of these shows...

Jun. 11 Berlin - Wuhlheide - Festival Berlin05 / Germany + Stereo Total
Jun. 18 Aachen - Karamba Festival / Germany
Jul. 9 Bautzen - Rodnost Open Air / Germany
Jul. 16 Bingen - Binger Open Air / Germany + Superpunk
Jul. 23 Bensheim - Open Air / Germany
Jul. 30 Oberhausen - Druckluft - Garage Craze / Germany
Sep. 2 Torgau - Brückenkopf Open Air / Germany
Sep. 3 Rosswein - Jugendhaus Rosswein / Germany

I know a wee bit about art and I also know what I like. Why JD King isn't hailed as one of the greatest illustrators of my or anybody else's time is an utter mystery to me. Where is his Juxtapoz spread? Where is his La Luz exhibition?? Anyway, shame on the players who should be heaping such recognition upon a true master and a damn nice geezer to boot. The world would be a far better place if there was more JD King around. And he doesn't just have the visual string to his art bow. He writes a mean short story too and plans for Marc Baines and myself to make his LIKE A 45 at 33 collection available are still glowing emberwise. How to do this in an oversubscribed world of publishing is something of a dilemma but hopefully we'll work it out one of these days. So c'mon... some of you people need a snazzy album jacket right?, an illustration to brighten up your corner of the planet? Contact the man via this portal and he may well be in a position to help you out with that.